Winner of the previous poll, Akina’s sex battle, and more!

Here’s an update of the game’s progress thus far ^_^

The winner of the previous poll was Lurette The Futa. Now that I’ve finished the Akina sex battle, I’ll start working on the Lurette sex battle, and will also soon start the next Patreon poll in order to let the supporters choose which will be next after Lurette!


Akina’s sex battle is now completed, and was released by PM to Patreon supporters yesterday. Like mentioned earlier, Akina is a stronger opponent than the previous ones, and is also the first one to use a magic attack on them. She is also the first to use a “double” attack as well (she uses two double attacks, one with magic and one without).

Here’s some more screenshots:




In addition to this, I decided to give Batilda her own “theme music” when you meet her. She’ll appear several times before you “befriend” her, often causing trouble 😉




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