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A big thanks to everyone who pledge on Patreon! With enough support this game will grow even bigger! Your support helps making this a reality ^_^


Your first pledge will be charged upfront, and the next pledge will be charged at the 1st of the month.

9 Responses to Support us on Patreon!

  1. Yoon Hyeon sik says:

    I tried the demo and enjoyed really fun. We are looking forward to a game .

  2. MADARA says:

    I really liked your game! =) Where do I pay the money? And after that wait? The game will update itself? So I downloaded the trial version, or both?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Hi! Glad you like the game ^_^

      The game is still in development, it isn’t finished. If you like it you can support it on Patreon (, Patreon supporters gets monthly updates to the game (these are sent out on the 6th of every month, after a successful pledge has gone through from the previous month). However, after a while these updates will also be available as public releases ^_^

  3. MADARA says:

    Excuse me please, but I do not understand english! I want to pay but Do not know where it is ?! Where is written 20 dollars? I understand you $ 5 per month ASSUME? And why are there 20? Nepoymu = ((((tell me if you do not hard to please, step by step or give the number of your account -. What cards would be easier I had to pay!

  4. MADARA says:

    How difficult it all = (why I was born in Russia ?! = (But not you!

  5. Antony says:

    Just a thought… But it seems the male scenes/monsters are taking a back seat. I’d like more of them…

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      New characters are decided by polls held on Patreon, so it’s the supporters that decide what will be the next character. As you can see from the latest post on this site, though, it was a male that won the latest poll ^_^

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