Here’s links to where you can download the latest patreon version and the latest public version of the game ^_^



MONTHLY UPDATES TO THE GAME: Updates every month are available for Patreon Supporters. Updates of the game will be available to supporting patrons of the $5+ tier, together with cheat codes for the game. All updates of the first game will be released to the public later, but by becoming a patron it helps reaching new goals and making the sequel grow with new content and features! ^_^


This version is public update #14, added March 25, 2020

(Note: due to the game’s size, it’s now split in multiple parts. If you have an old save file from when the game was only an .exe file, you need to place this file like this:



Starting the game: ENTER KEY (and up & down arrow keys for choosing “Start”, “Load” or “Gallery”

Speed walking: holding down the SHIFT KEY while walking
Opening chests & doors: SPACE BUTTON
Open stats/Inventory: Open by pressing X, close by pressing SPACE BUTTON
Battles (both normal and sex battles): MOUSE BUTTON

IMPORTANT: In order to keep your saved progress from earlier versions, just replace the old game file with the new version, but keep the save file (the save file is called “mlhsave”.

137 Responses to Download

  1. Kaine says:

    I loved the game and I cant wait for more characters to show up. I would love to see a dragon like girl or a naga perhaps. Just a thought.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks ^_^

      And a naga/lamia has already been drawn (I posted a lineart sketch on our Patreon a few says ago) :)

      A dragon girl is also very likely to be added ;)

      • Kaine says:

        Thanks for the reply and I’m very excited to hear about the naga and dragon girl. One of my favorite monster girls they are. I have plenty of other little critters of my own creation and various other alteration of original creatures from mythology I would gladly pass over in minor to extensive detail through private email if you wish. I hope the new update come soon.

      • Grip says:

        Pretty cool to see them coming in, possible chance for tail sex since Dragon girls tail and Naga tails are prehensile in some of the other media I have seen.

  2. preston says:

    love the game i downloaded it but only 1 character… how di i get more and how can i get into new places?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it ^_^

      This current version only has 1 character you can get (Rina). The game will be updated with new characters and places later :)

  3. Grip says:

    For Daisy would a milking scene be implemented into the battle.

    Also is there any tail pulling?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Yes, milking will be included in the sex battle with her ;)

      What do you mean with tail pulling, by the way? That the opponent pulls her tail while fucking her?

  4. valmon says:

    Hi after I ve loaded the game it gets stuck on the main menu.It doesnt respond.How do I fix this

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Did you press the “Enter” button? Does the main menu show up normally with music playing, or does it freeze?

      • Taylor says:

        when my screen comes up it is black but when I move my mouse it shows where it went. fix plz?

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          People have been reporting similar issues, and there have been different ways of solving it, so there isn’t any quick answer to this…

          Have you tried any of the following to see if it helps:

          1. Updating your graphics card drivers
          2. Try to disable your antivirus in case this is what could be causing it
          3. Move the game to another folder
          4. Right-clicking on the game, enter “Properties”, go to “Compability”

          These have been the most common fixes to this and similar issues. Please let me know if any of this helps.

          • Zach says:

            none of it worked plz fix

            • Vanja Vanja says:

              I’m afraid it’s not something I can just “fix”, because it’s impossible for me to know exactly why it happens in each individual case.

              Often it seems to be an issue with a Windows 10 upgrade. While the game has been tested and works on Windows 10, some people have reported that upgrading their old OS messed up a few things and some games were unplayable. This seems to usually be fixed by updating your graphics card drivers, but sometimes there were other things (including something called “Smartscreen” in one case) that caused the problems.

              What OS are you using? Do you have some other programs running that might interfere? Did you recently upgrade to Windows 10? What is the name of your graphics card?

              I’ve done a few Google searches for this issue, it seems to happen to many people and very often only affect some of the games they’re playing:





              If you search “Windows 10 upgrade games black screen” there’s tons of threads around various forums, and also for “Windows 10 upgrade games lag”. It’s frustrating not being able to give specific instructions for being able to solve this issue, but I’m afraid that it’s a bit out of my reach since the problems occuring with the Windows 10 upgrade seems to vary so much…

              I’ll try to get a list of all possible solutions and add a FAQ to this site soon.

              • Tempy111 says:

                lets see.. for a game to run the main factors would be Graphics card, Operating system, Processor, Ram.. I can do some more testing on the game and the like so I can figure out what features your graphics and processor needs.. I doubt it needs a huge amount of shaders or a high frequency.. I’ll have to talk privately with Vanja for some information to work out a nice ‘spec’ list

  5. valdez says:

    Hi Vanja, I got to play the game after all. It was my own fault that let me to believe it doesnt work. I really enjoyed it though. Something I did wonder about is did you ever thought of adding “love-making” sound together with the current sound effects during the sex battles? Then also is there any other games that you developed. Once again thank you for this great game, Im defo thinking of becoming a patreon..Oh last thing,does the game version get updated automatically or do we download updates from here?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Ah, good to hear you were able to make it work ^_^

      And thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I currently have some other games available on // (my personal site) and // (my commercial site).

      I have thought about adding voices later, but then I’ll most likely hire some voice actors to get a good variation of voices for the different characters ^_^

      And the game, when updated, will have to be downloaded again (but you just keep the save file, the one called “mlhsave” and all progress will be kept). Patreons will be able to get a pre-release, and afterwards it will be available to everyone on the “Downloads” page here on the website :)

  6. Azure says:

    As a demo this is pretty good. I hope you intend to do a lot more.

    Adding magic, a less stiff walk cycle, more things to do, such as characters and town so you can perform sidequests, or such, to get more customers to the brothel.

    Oh and a level up system, because being required to buy 12 str pots just to beat the furry devil is a little ridiculous xD most of the time the attacks did 0 damage to him.

    Still, I love this because of the clean and quick download, which did not require me to go to a virus infested site like Mega. Also, the chibi anime style is very endearing, the sex scenes were cute and hot, I would love to see this game grow. <3 <3

  7. Azure says:

    Well, a bit annoyed my comment got deleted, but nevermind.

    As a demo this was pretty good, getting across what was needed.

    I hope you plan on adding things, like a less stiff walk cycle and a run option.

    Options menu too would be nice, accidentally closed the program by hitting escape.

    Also a level up system, since being required to buy 12 str pots just to beat the furry devil is a little ridiculous.

    I like the concept, hoping for more things, more town, sidequests to help lure customers to the brothel, etc. (can’t wait for the catboy and cowgirl <3 )

    The chibi anime style of art is endearing and cute. The sex scenes were hot. I look forward to seeing this grow and become even bigger.

    Do you have an FA? if not, I'd get one to spread awareness that your game exists.

    Also I love that the download was clean and I didn't have to go to a virus infested site like Mega to get it, much appreciation for that.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for the feedback! ^_^

      Your previous comment wasn’t deleted, by the way (it just went into the comment queue) so I published them both :)

      Magic will be added (they’ll be able to learn it from a witch in the forest), and more shop items. There’ll also be a “training” house (to level up the character’s strength), and more. Things will be added gradually, though, but for the next update the training house and more shop items will be included (in addition to the full Calix fight and some more hotel animations).

      I do have an FA account, I don’t use it much anymore, though. Later I’ll probably add a post and some images there about it ^_^

  8. CrazyPerson says:

    One suggestion about this page, not sure if it would be too much trouble though:
    Could you add a short version number and/or changelog to the page?
    Right now, if I wonder “Did I already see this or is there something new?”,
    I can try and check the filesize, but other than that I can just re-download and compare.

    So if you could spend the extra minute or two every time, I think that would be helpful.
    Of course, if it’s not doable from your end, I totally understand.

  9. Tannakos says:

    Great game first of all. I thought that it was very pricey for Strength Potions, and that it only does an extra 5-10 damage. Overall it is a great demo and I can’t wait for the next update. I was wondering if you could add in a Skunk girl into your game? With that and other ideas, I bet this will become a great game.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks, glad you liked it ^_^

      A skunk girl is possible, altough I’ll finish the other characters first before I create new ones :)

      • Tannakos says:

        Do you know when the next update is, and will it auto update? Or will I have to go to the website to update it?

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          At this moment I don’t know when the next update is. However, when the new version is added, you need to download the new version and replace it with the old one.

          To keep yourself updated on the progress, you can check the home page of this blog. I recently made a new post with some more info ^_^

  10. valdez says:

    I really hope the catboy update happens soon. Feels like forever waiting it. Not a bad thing I suppose.

  11. Guest says:

    On this Daisy battle, will Daisy be able to milk G0lda as well as Golda being able to milk Daisy? :)

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Only Daisy will be milked in that battle.

      • Guest says:

        Aww, I would’ve loved that. Oh well…:(

        I told a friend of mine about this and he’s curious as to whether or not Erwan and Calix will frot during their battle. Is that something that will happen?

      • Anonymous says:

        You should totally have Daisy milk Golda during their battle together! That would be a great thing to witness!

        Is it possible you could change your mind on it? I’d really enjoy a Daisy milking Golda scene!

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Several people have asked me about specific sex battle attacks. Naturally I cannot say yes to everyone, but on Patreon someone suggested that I’d open up a pledge option where people can use it to choose an attack (maybe at $50 or so). I think I’ll add this later on which will be available for the Daisy battle and forward, if more people shows their interest for this ^_^

      • New Player says:

        Hi there! I discovered this game a few days ago and I really enjoyed the content that is available so far!

        I have a question, but first I’d just like to say I really like the idea of Golda being milked by Daisy during her battle with her. I think it would make for a great scene!

        Anyway, my question is this: You mentioned earlier there will be multiple girls for some of the races, does this mean all the futas in this game will have a design like Lurette? I’d love that! The idea of futas being a race in this series appeals to me a lot and your Lurette design is one of my favorites!

        I look forward to hearing from you!

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Thanks ^_^

          Regarding the Daisy battle, I’ll just repeat my answer in the comment above yours: several people have asked me about specific sex battle attacks. Naturally I cannot say yes to everyone, but on Patreon someone suggested that I’d open up a pledge option where people can use it to choose an attack (maybe at $50 or so). I think I’ll add this later on, which will be available for the Daisy battle and forward, if more people are interested in this ^_^

          As for the futa designs, I’ll probably have a bit of variation to suit several people’s needs, though ;)

  12. John Smith says:

    i’ve always loved your art, but the first bit of the game what with the protagonists’ slow geriatric stumble and combat system where you hit for 0 or -5 i cant say i’d recommend.
    not when games like other games that the RPGVXAce system run faster 2 frames per second.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      In the next game update, I’ve added other ways to level up faster (if you try to beat the first boss without having levelled up, you will sometimes get a 0 damage). This should make it less grindy ^_^

      Other than that, is the game running slow/starts to lag when playing it? (I guess that’s what you meant with the last sentence)?

  13. mrtt says:

    esc to exit immediately and without a confirmation is a really bad move. at a minimum it should have a “are you sure you wish to quit”, but ideally it shouldn’t even close the program
    Also, would be nice to be able to maximize it.
    Incidentally, when I first went to the inn it said “click here to save” and “click here to return” and so on, but nothing I clicked did anything. I started mashing keys and eventually it returned to the main game, then i went into the inn again and instead of displaying the same menu it displayed my character stats but now with a lobby button. And clicking space no longer exited that window, i tried and look everywhere for a way to exit but eventually i ended up hitting escape and lost the save, again

    • mrtt says:

      ok, it appears that the save takes a while, and clicking all over the place on that menu just caused the game to delay without making the mouse stutter. it works now. still don’t know what the deal was with the x menu I couldn’t get out of but it hasn’t happened again, yet

      • Vanja Vanja says:

        Thanks for letting me know about the issue. Sounds like the game got stuck/froze for a while for some reason. Let me know if it happens again.

        Also, I’ll change it so you won’t close the game automatically by pressing esc :)

        • mrtt says:

          Thank you
          I also noticed that during battles with green slimes, there is a really long delay between my attacks and its, almost as if it is building up a timer? this delay really has no reason to exist, a timer, presumably to account for some unknown dexterity? this really should not happen, such a timer can be simulated by just instantly jumping towards the next combatant’s turn instantly while still retaining any element of initiative by calculating it numerically (aka, monster attack speed is 2 seconds and players is 3, then the calculated turn order is
          0s player
          2s monster
          3s player
          4s monster
          6s player
          6s monster
          8s monster
          9s player
          10s monster
          12s player
          12s monster
          and just instantly jump from one to the next instead of actually forcing us to wait for the timer. timer based games are based on the idea that you can interrupt the charge for fast attacks, or let them load up for medium or full attacks, since we can’t interrupt there is no point for the delay

          • mrtt says:

            also, the delay for the number to fully float up and disappear after anything has taken damage vs slime, also unnecessary.

            also, it occurs to me that the previous delay is probably for timing on the sex. but you need to grind a lot of monsters like slimes first, so obviously sexual battle should have different rules.

            incidentally, too much HP all around makes battles a bit on the long side. Especially since you need to grind 10 slimes for +1 strength

  14. mrtt says:

    Sex: Fuck and Sex: Play skills do not increase at 100 like strength does.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions ^_^

      Regarding the Fuck and Play skills, did you beat Rina and get 100 points and still not get the level up to 1 on each? Since Rina is the only character you can battle sexually in this version of the game, you can’t get the sex skills past 1 though, but it should still increase from 0 to 1 once you’ve beat Rina. After beating her, does it still say 0 on both level and skill points for Fuck and Play?

      • mrtt says:

        Yes, I beat the catgirl, I went from 0 to 100, my rank remained at 0, it did not go from 0 to 1 for either sex skill
        unlike strength which did go from 0 to 1 exactly at 100 (and then to 2 at 200).

        Also, I Would like to point out that the option to choose who to play with is really broken when it just denies you 50% of your attack and HP. And there is no reason to do that when performing a non sexual battle, like vs the slimes. so popping up the dialog in such battles is just an unnecessary click and should be eliminated.

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Strange…I’ll take a look and see what could be causing it not to update.

          Regarding the non-sexual battles, I’m not sure what you mean? Since you cannot choose to fight with only one character on those? Or is it the the dialogue saying for example “Green Forest Blob VS Erwan & Golda” you think should be removed?

  15. PYROUJI says:


  16. PYROUJI says:

    I also hope that the spell moves will include swords and that there will be YAOI! SCENES and I have only one issue, you should increase the damage of the character when they hit the slime and I can’t wait for more FUTANARI

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, I’m glad you like the game so far ^_^

      And there will be yaoi scenes already in the next game update ;)

  17. Goelif Rodalf Almadén says:

    Great game love it.

  18. YOON HYEON SIK says:

    Download the latest version and where do I get demo ?

  19. David Robson says:

    When I open your game the screen is all black. When I move the mouse by sima appears a square designs. I can not really play well

  20. JustAlex says:

    How much do you have left to make the next update? And how do the non-patreon supporters have to wait until we got the update again? (I would support it but no money -.-“)

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      I can’t currently say when I expect to have the next update finished, but as things are now I’m aiming for a release for Patreon supporters now in September ^_^

      Everyone else will be able to get the update for free afterwards, so you don’t have to support the game in order to get it. However, everyone who does support it helps making the game grow, and is therefore rewarded with a pre-release. When/if the next milestone is reached, I’ll also be able to work more frequently on the game ^_^

  21. gurren99 says:

    When I open your game the screen is all black. When I move the mouse by sima appears a square designs. I can not really play well.
    windows 8 operating system.

  22. AJDARK says:

    Is it normal for it to lag a lot? I just got it but I have to keep collapsing it to see the next frame, even when I’m moving around the world

  23. ? says:

    Besides the Furry Devil being impossible, it was boring. Grindy, slow, dull, bland, not worth the time. Oh well at least it’s not another run or r*pe platformer like everyone else is doing.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      If you can give me some suggestions on what you think I should do to improve the game, I’d appreciate it. For the next update I have made some changes to make it less grindy, but it would be helpful to know why you found it boring and what you think could be done to make it less slow/dull/bland/not worth the time.

      • ? says:

        The battle system is so simplistic but it backfires from being simple and enjoyable to simple and irritating from constantly clicking. The characters move very slowly, even a bit of an increase in speed while holding shift or something would be better than it is now. The level design is just boring it offers nothing unique in the sense of revisiting and exploring it, as it is there’s just the same trees all around. There needs to be extra bits like flowers, taller bits of grass, rocks, some little critters even if they’re static it’s something better than nothing. Fill the world, as it is now the blandness makes the experience dull along with the battles and slow moving characters. I hope to see more, it has potential, I enjoy the art style.

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Thanks for the more detailed feedback and suggestions, I really appreciate it ^_^

          There will be some more variation in the levels (like ponds, mushrooms, etc.). In the next update I have increased Erwan and Golda’s walking speed, in addition to an option where you can press down a button while walking to make them run.

          I also hope the battles will be more exciting with some new items to fight with (like for example bombs), some of which will be included in the next update.

  24. Mick85 says:

    Love this game! I hope to see this project grow, many of the monstergirls characters are really cute and I’m looking forward to see them in the game :D

    If I should point out one thing, it does feel a bit grindy at first as you have to keep fighting the green blobs just to have a skill upgrade, or otherwise the Furry Devil Boss is practically unbeatable. I’d love to have some other way to increase fighting skill points other than only fighting the low-level enemies over and over, like something you can buy or something else.

    Keep it up, I’ll be looking forward to updates!

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it ^_^

      In the next update I have made some changes to make it less grindy, including new weapons that deals more damage (sword and bombs), and I have also added a training house where Erwan and Golda can increase their strength skills. In addition to this, I have increased their walking speed, in addition to an option where you can press down a button while walking to make them run. This will make it a lot easier and quicker to go back and forth through the places ^^

  25. Michael says:

    I have some problem with opening the game. Well not with the opening the gamebut when i open it its all black. The picture seems to get revealed after i g over it with my mouse. Its impossible to play at all :(

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Some other people have reported similar issues, and some were able to solve it in different ways (updating their graphics card drivers for example). Take a look at the “Report a bug” section and see if some of the solutions there will help you:


      If you do find a solution that works for you, I would appreciate if you let me know. So far people have solved this in various ways, and it’s helpful to know if there’s a certain solution that ends up being more common than the others.

  26. John says:

    Not enough memory to execute the game, windows 8 and plenty of memory..

    • Tempy111 says:

      Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 major bug fix?
      x86 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit)?
      how much memory, what is memory usage when at rest?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      That’s really strange…at startup the game shouldn’t take more than approx. 25 MB memory…

      Did you check how much memory you were using at that time? Has it happened when trying to open other programs?

  27. I loved this version, i can’t wait to see the next updates, i’m sad i can’t donate, i would really love to help this beautiful thing alive

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! And hopefully this game will be able to grow much further ^_^

      • Michael says:

        When you implement Futa Golda (however you may decide to do that), what are you going to do about old sexbattles that do not have Futa Golda scenes implemented?

        (Just please have Futa Golda vs Lurette scenes when Lurette gets added)

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Old battles will have these animations added to them (if the player has already beaten him/her, this animation will automatically appear in the gallery and of course also during the re-fights in the hotel ^_^)

  28. SB says:

    This might be kinda nit-picky, but what would you think of a control mapping option? Personally I find the current keyboard controls to be a little awkward in terms of where they’re placed. I’d want the usual shift/ctrl/z/x layout, but others might not. It’s not a huge issue; everything else about this game is fantastic and I can’t wait to see more of it. But if you’re ever thinking about adding little improvements here and there in between major updates, I’d really appreciate it if you could give that a try. Thanks ^.^!

  29. Some Guy says:

    I simply adore this game and hope you keep up the fantastic work. I love the little detail during the sex fights that depending on the character attacking and the opponent, the other character either tries to ignore it (Erwan when Golda and Calix attack each other) or seems to enjoy watching it (Golda watching Erwan and Calix attack each other). It’s details like that that make the game more fun. And I learned cake is probably the most helpful item in the game. The only thing I want for this game is for it to continue and expand. (and for the furry devil to be wearing the strap-on on its head.)

  30. anon says:

    hey vanja for some reason the game skips every time i click move or do any thing in the game just being at the start menu with the moving heart icon makes it skip frames.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Have you tried any of the following to see if it helps:

      1. Updating your graphics card drivers
      2. Try to disable your antivirus in case this is what could be causing it
      3. Move the game to another folder
      4. Right-clicking on the game, enter “Properties”, go to “Compability”

      These have been the most common fixes to this and similar issues. Please let me know if any of this helps.

  31. musical74 says:

    I love the game so far, but not sure I can afford to support you financially with the game (poor college student). Will you have updates for those of us that like the game but are too poor to really be able to support you monthly? I know $5 doesn’t SOUND like a lot but finances are pretty dicey for me right now…

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      I’m glad you enjoy the game! ^_^

      And don’t worry, the game will always have free updates (the pre-releases and updates for patreon supporters is there to reward those who support the game, and also give them an incentive to do so, since support is what will make this game grow).

      I understand that not everyone can support it, but since this is a Patreon project, free updates will always be available (and if enough people should end up supporting it, the free updates will be available even faster ^_^)

  32. Shiro says:

    I found a bug, when I defeated the slime I re spawned in the bushes below and I cant get back on the map, had to close the game and start it again

  33. Unknown says:

    When is the next update release date I am dieing to play it D:

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Patreon supporters gets a monthly update released by PM after the pledges has gone through. I currently don’t know yet when the next public update will be available, but I hope that the next Patreon pre-release will be the finished 3rd update of the game, which means that the next public update will be released in the end of january or beginning of february ^_^

  34. epic says:

    Hey Vanja, I REALLY want to try this game, but I noticed that the download is an .exe file. My computer is only compatible with .swf files, and I don’t have the money to buy a computer that is compatable with .exe files. Do you think you could make a download link that’s a .swf file? I’d really appreciate it if you do.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      I’m afraid I can’t convert this game into an swf file. What kind of computer do you have, that is only compatible with swf files?

    • Tempy111 says:

      your computer doesn’t allow exes, only swf? erm.. huh?

      Computers pretty much come in two types.. IMB clone and Mac.. while i’ll get some debate, Macs aren’t as good as IMB clones and close a lot more (I’ll get debate on the good bit ^_^). IF you use a Mac, and use a MacOS, it doesn’t come with default exe format support.. I you have an IMB clone, most likely you will have windows or a version like it which does support exe.. its in fact, one of the most supported and used file types.

      There are ways, which range in quality, to run exes on non-windows OS’s.

      It’s possible you don’t have a computer at all but have a mini-computer system such as a Megadrive, Tablet, Mobile phone etc. they are in-theory computers but even the megadrive will set you back more then a cheap PC build.

      If you want to come back with what machine you have, I might be able to come up with some options.. maybe.

  35. david_john_travolta_bowie says:

    hey vanja i have been looking at this game for a while and was wondering if it would be possible for you to also convert your game to be able to run on a android tablet or phone as a unofficial app, as it is close to windows but very mobile this may increase popularity of this game, it would not be too hard from what i’ve seen as youporn has done something close to what i have mentioned but for their website, also i found a slight glitch where you can cause your characters to mesh into the hotel using a mouse script to cause quick entering and exiting of the inn, on another level i think that using a sword twice one after another is abit overpowered it should more or less be attached to 1 character for the turn it is used and that you would need to and can buy 2 swords for the characters to both use swords in 1 turn.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for your suggestions and report of that glitch, I’ll look into it ^_^

      Unfortunately, the game is only available as an exe download.

  36. Josh says:

    I wish this was a flash game, cause I cant play this on a Mac

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Unfortunately, it is only available as an exe download. There are solutions to play exe games on a Mac though, some people have told me they use something called “Winebottler”.

  37. Wolfarix says:

    Hey Vanja!! Old patreon supporter here :P Great work once again with Daisy! Her animations were lovely and the new areas you’ve added in are very cool; I kinda like the outlook of this game its kind of like half management and spread the word, half rpg and exploration and combat/ very very nice :D. Good job on the new update and can’t wait for the next one!!

    P.S Sorry I can’t support still q.q

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks, glad you liked it! And don’t worry, I understand that it isn’t possible for everyone to support it, but I’d still like to say thank you for your previous support on Patreon ^_^

  38. Arthur says:

    I recently got a mac and tried to download the game but it won’t work. I’m not much of a tech genius. What should I do?

  39. jet says:

    Here you can download the latest public version of the game, more you give new update, more we have character, its soo?

  40. jet says:

    i will retry(but iam not good eng) i have found this game today(and this is good,i will give my support) and if i read this 2 comment:

    preston says:
    May 6, 2015 at 10:54 pm

    love the game i downloaded it but only 1 character… how di i get more and how can i get into new places?

    Vanja Vanja says:
    May 7, 2015 at 11:12 am

    I’m glad you enjoyed it ^_^

    This current version only has 1 character you can get (Rina). The game will be updated with new characters and places later :)

    i think ,it was the first version public update #1 with 1 character, and now with the version public update #3, we have 3 character(i dont find other girl)

    so my question is:

    1) with your next version public update #4 ,i think we will have 4 character or more?
    2)if ,one day, you will finish this game 100%, we will have the full game with all character or not in public version?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Ok, thanks for clarifying ^_^

      Public updates to the game can be downloaded here, and the latest public update here now contains 3 characters: Rina, Calix and Daisy.

      I don’t know when the next public update will be released, but Akina’s battle is now available to Patreon supporters, and the next public update will contain her battle and her hotel animations. I constantly work on the game, but the more support the game gets on Patreon, the more I can work on it and the faster the updates will come ^_^

      When the game is 100% complete, the full version will be released to the public. This game will always have public releases, but Patreon supporters (who helps making the game grow) gets pre-releases.

      I hope that was clarifying ^_^

  41. nicolas sepulveda says:

    the game is great :D

  42. Ed says:

    Good afternoon developer. Prompt how I can run the program in full screen. I tried to register in the shortcut properties of different options, but nothing came. Banal combination ALT + Enter does not work. Expand the window with the mouse, too, do not get it. And for the comfort of the game window is too small, a quarter of the screen ((

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to run the game in full screen.

    • Tempy111 says:

      Alt-Enter for one, is only a shortcut key command (as all alt-keys are) for the programs own settings. This game doesn’t have inbuilt resize window settings for various screen resolutions or full screen. so nothing like that is doing to work.

      However, there are some third party methods that work mostly by cheating around. most full screen games work by changing the resolution of your monitor for the run of the game and this third party methods normally work on a similar method.

      As it’s an Alt command, I can’t see how it’s banal but oh well ^_^

  43. lolicon987 says:

    thoroughly enjoyed the demo and will definitely support this game.
    just a suggestion add number system to the health bar so the player knows how much health they have.

  44. lolicon987 says:

    oh and can you add some lolis plz.

  45. lolicon987 says:


    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks a lot for the pledge and for wanting to support the game! ^_^

      Thanks for the suggestions as well. I cannot add any “loli” characters though, due to legal reasons.

      • Tempy111 says:

        Technically, Lolita characters aren’t under-age, but sadly most people don’t seam to understand this and people that are ‘fans’ draw underage characters which are clearly underage (which is still different from Child porn BUT still features characters under-age).

        it’s a bit complex ^_^ but legally, many people and lawyers don’t know the difference and people draw underage and stuff… so it’s tricky…

  46. W-Rabbit says:

    When will the next update be coming out? i really love this game and want to play against more characters,

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Glad you like the game ^_^

      In the end of this month there will be a new public version, which will include Akina’s fight. Lurette will be available to Patreon supporters this month.

      More info about updates can be found here: //

      • W-Rabbit says:

        thanks now i’m going to die from anxiety from waiting for a game update that i love. Vanji, if i die please delete my browser history

  47. Hoberth says:

    If the game is ever finished, are you considering asking for outside help to port the game to play natively on Mac OS and Linux computers? A lot of PC users are moving away from Windows these days, and EXE files are useless in other OS platforms. Maybe you could consider a Patreon pledge for funding the porting of the game even during development?

    Another nit-picky question, I am aware all the characters in the game are depicted as bisexual, but will it be possible to have an option to play in exclusively hetero or homosexual sex situations? I am sure some people might prefer it that way.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      I might try to find a solution for this later, when the game is getting closer to completion perhaps. Some Mac users have told me they use something called “Wine” to play exe files, though.

      As for hetero/homosexual play options, at this moment you do have the ability to choose wether to play with both, or simply just Golda or Erwan during the battles ^_^

  48. Xy says:

    wish i could play but i sadly have a mac

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Have you tried Wine?

      • Tempy111 says:

        having a mac with the crap MacOS (windows has been out for macs for years, and even Unix is better) is a real shame. Macs are like YIM.. out of date, half crap, full of unfixable holes by the user, but some people still cling to them.. I use YIM ^_^

  49. jake says:

    Even though we don’t support you on patreon now will we still be able to get some of the boss fights you put for pateron when we start. I am just asking because I want to make sure I have a good credit card store so I can be supporting you and take care my hous.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      If you become a patreon supporter of the $5+ tier, you will get immediate access to the latest update, since new pledgers are now getting charged immediately for their first pledge ^_^

  50. Jeremy says:

    i don’t know how to save the game

  51. Frfrf says:

    Holy hell i got stuck with the first boss. How do we beat her?

  52. A Stranger says:

    So, I did replace the new version like you said to do but for whatever reason the game save feature stopped working on me. Did I mess up? Anyway, I like the game so far but don’t really want to restart all over. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Hm, that’s strange…the save should work. Does the loading not work as well, or is it just the save function that doesn’t work?

    • Tempy111 says:

      first thing that jumps to mind is rights access.. is the save file protected somehow, do you have a monitor program which is for some reason, deciding to block saving, have you tried running the game as Admin.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Hi, you are thinking to make a version for mobile?

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