Lurette The Futa’s area: Swamplands! And some more info…

Here’s an update of the game’s progress thus far ^_^

“Lurette The Futa”(winner of the previous Patreon poll) has already appeared, and $5+ Patreon supporters were able to meet her in the last Patreon update. Her full sex battle will be finished for the next Patreon release, which will be sent out by PM to those with a successful pledge from this month (April) ^_^

The new area where you can meet Lurette is the Swamplands, and here there’ll also be two new regular enemies plus a boss (that you’ll need to defeat in order to proceed to the next area after that). The Swamplands area isn’t finished yet, but there’ll also be some other stuff to find here ^_^



So now I’m working on finishing Lurette’s sex battle. Below is a screenshot of one of the animations, where Lurette is having a go at Golda’s ass:


Akina’s got her first hotel customers as well:



Right now, there’s also a poll where all Patreon supporters can vote for the upcoming character (the character that will be added after Lurette). This poll will run until the 30th of April (the end of this month). Here’s the link to the poll:



If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon. Your support will help the game grow and update faster ^_^

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