Cheat Codes

Cheat codes for the game where you can unlock the gallery (later there will also be other cheat codes for money, skills, etc.) are available to all $5+ Patreon supporters (together with WIPs, and there will also be pre-releases of game updates ^_^)


A big thanks to everyone who pledge on our Patreon! With enough support this game could turn into a really big and content-rich project with lots of varied monsters & monstergirls! ^_^

8 Responses to Cheat Codes

  1. Royal says:

    I tried the demo and enjoyed really fun. We are looking forward to a game .

  2. Eks says:

    Would love to see loss animations from the characters in the game and the enemies too for your players

  3. lesly says:

    where can i buy this?

  4. Aubrey says:

    I love this game. Eager to see what kinda spells there will be.

  5. mrHandy says:

    where can i find cheats? ive pldged 5+

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