Akina’s full sex battle soon availabe through Patreon! ^_^

I’ve been working on finishing Akina’s sex battle! She will be a more “powerful” character since she will be able to use magic (not all monstergirls or monsterboys are able to use magic tricks). Like shown below, she will actually have a magic attack where she attacks them both at the same time, transforming one tail into a penis that fucks Golda, and another tail into a hand that gives Erwan a handjob ^_^).

Everyone who makes a successful $5+ pledge during this month (February) will get a game update that features the full Akina sex battle ^_^


The monthly Patreon game updates are sent out by PM’s to all $5+ pledgers in the beginning of March (after all pledges has gone through). In order to get this update, you must make a pledge in February. For those who don’t know: Patreon charges people in the beginning of each month, so if you make a pledge in February, you get charged in the beginning of March. If you make a pledge in March, you won’t get charged until April, etc.). PM’s with game updates are usually sent out on the 6th every month.



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