Zar’s going to appear in the next update!

Sorry about being a bit late with the progress reports for this month…anyway, here’s the game’s further progress thus far. A new public update is also around the corner ^_^

In the next Patreon update of the game, you’ll be able to meet Zar The Naga (the winner of the previous poll). As mentioned earlier this month on Patreon, Zar will be the first character to use a poison attack, and thus, the antidote item in the new shop will come in handy ^_^


In the previous Patreon update, a new town was revealed: Eristonia. There’s a new shop and also a pub where you can purchase an “ad” for the hotel.



The new poll was also started earlier this month. The voting ends on the 30th. Here’s the link where Patreon supporters can cast their vote: //


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12 Responses to Zar’s going to appear in the next update!

  1. James says:

    Nice but when’s the next release date for the public. Also you need more guy charactars aswell

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      The next public update will be released around the 10th-11th October. And yes, there will be more male characters ^_^

      As of now, there’s more females than males…I’m currently debating as to wether adding some more males to the mix, or just get the current characters finished first…

  2. That One Guy says:

    The new update looks great! I’m excited to try out the futa spell especially.

    About the next monster, I wanted to make a bit of input. Not the monster person I want, but rather about the next one.

    While patron input is important, I feel like certain monster people should be restricted, for accuracy’s sake. What I mean by that is Sesha and Raida in particular seem like they would be very strong, and the other monster people should come before them. I know it’s a porn game and not really important, but I just find it hard to believe Asta or Maggy would be as strong or skillful in a sex battle.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for the input ^_^

      As for the characters, they don’t really have to be added on a “stronger & stronger” basis…after all, there will most likely be some updates that doesn’t always move things forward (like the witch, for example. She’s available after beating Akina, but she wasn’t added until after the Bardolf battle was finished). Maggie, whenever she is added, could fit somewhere in the first forest area I think :)

      • That One Guy says:

        My pleasure.
        I see what you’re doing now. I thought they were being placed in the same order as they’re voted for, because so far it seems like they were being added in that same order. It looks like you have things planned out, though. When you say the first forest area do you mean just outside the Brothel, or the one outside the first town? (I forget its name :( ) Maggie could probably go in either. Speaking of her, I just realized how weird it is for me, because that’s the name of a Westie my family had some years ago.

        One other little nitpick I forgot to mention is that the woman running the shop in Eristonia looks a LOT like Golda. It’s been a while since I played so she may be more different than I think, but she still seems similar. Maybe change her a little? Also, I don’t think her dress should curve around her boobs perfectly. If you want I guess they could be stretched across tightly, but dresses don’t work like that from what I remember.

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Thanks for the feedback. I think I’ll keep the Eristonia shop owner as she is, though ^_^

          When I mentioned the first forest area, I meant the one nearby the brothel (Skeghill Forest). I already have a place in mind for Maggie there (oh, and Westies are really cute ^_^).

      • khamya9 says:

        That makes sense and I think it is a good way to go during development since replaying early parts increases chances to find early bugs.

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Yes, and it will also give me the opportunity to “flesh out” certain areas with new things, npc’s, and so on as the progress moves on ^_^

  3. Jake says:

    Zar and the other stuff is for the next Patreon update, but what will the next public update contain?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      The next public update will contain the full Bardolf The Wolfboy sex battle ^_^

      • That One Guy says:

        Wait… is the public not getting Zuzanna and the futa spell until later? I am disappoint. :(

        • Tempy111 says:

          minor wait is never a problem. if you want it quicker, pay a small fee ^_^

          Personally, I think the game needs more Pink hair girls with long big hair bow’s that had in America in the 50s, but that’s just personal taste ^_^ I think the whole WORLD need more of them.

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