Zar’s going to appear in the next update!

Sorry about being a bit late with the progress reports for this month…anyway, here’s the game’s further progress thus far. A new public update is also around the corner ^_^

In the next Patreon update of the game, you’ll be able to meet Zar The Naga (the winner of the previous poll). As mentioned earlier this month on Patreon, Zar will be the first character to use a poison attack, and thus, the antidote item in the new shop will come in handy ^_^


In the previous Patreon update, a new town was revealed: Eristonia. There’s a new shop and also a pub where you can purchase an “ad” for the hotel.



The new poll was also started earlier this month. The voting ends on the 30th. Here’s the link where Patreon supporters can cast their vote: //


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