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If you find any bugs in the current version of the game, I’d appreciate if you could let me know in the comments field here ^_^

NOTE: Comments are currently closed. You can report bugs by sending me an e-mail (you can find it on the “Contact” page) and if you are a Patreon supporter you can of course also report them there in either posts or by PM ^_^

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  1. Thoughts says:

    I found kind of a bug. When you first enter a screen, if you don’t move a couple steps in, trying to go back causes the characters to just disappear from the screen but not move back to the previous area. While you can still walk back and take some steps into the new area and then go back, this does cause one major problem at the beginning of the game.

    When you’re first having to go to town to meet with the bartender, the areas to the left leading into the forest have that little message saying that you need to not go that way. However, its possible to slip into the next screen before it gives that message and you get stuck right there at the entrance to the area. It won’t let you take a few steps in so you can leave, so you end up stuck there and have to close and restart the game.

    Hope that helps.

  2. valmon says:

    when I load the game I get stuck on the menu screen.Nothing responds and I cannot enter the game

  3. valdez says:

    Hi sorry due to my own stupidity i wrongfully reported a bug.I never realized I had to use the directional buttons.Sorry for that,my bad.

  4. Jimmy says:

    The mouse button isn’t visible at all. It makes the game unplayable. Is there anyway to fix this or am I the only one having this problem?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      That’s strange…are you able to start the game at all by using the keys (pressing the “Enter” button to start the game)? Or is it only the mouse button that won’t work?

    • Alice says:

      Having this problem too…. :( None of the buttons are working….

      • Vanja Vanja says:

        What happens when you press “Enter”? Nothing at all? Can you close it normally or does it hang up completely (becomes totally unresponsive)?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if its because I am running the game on a windows 10 operating system, but the game is completely bugged out for me. Every new screen I enter into in the game isn’t show, instead the previous screen that I was on is frozen in its place. If I move the characters they clip around the screen as still images, however if I minims the page and then open it up it shows my current location, but the characters still clip around the screen as a still image every time they move leaving a trail of previous images of themselves all along the screen.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      That sounds really strange! I’ll try to figure out what could be causing this to happen, wether it could be the operating system or something else.

      Does anyone else here have Windows 10 and experience issues like this?

      • Tempy111 says:

        Had a friend with win10 test it.. It worked fine for him.

        My first thought was graphics buffer issue. since no special graphics are being used, my first thought is: Did you (unknown guy) manually upgrade your Graphics driver? while the default should be okay, it might not (and is not always) 100% good. you should always make sure you have the latest graphics driver, and even more so if you have a new OS. Just cause the older driver works, doesn’t mean it works perfectly (Vanja should be well aware of the problems of Old Drivers on new systems.. or more Tomte ^_^)

        Second idea isn’t worth going into until first has been checked out..

        I very much doubt a Win10 problem, and doubt it even more as I have had a tester test it.

      • Koganei says:

        Same here with Win 10

      • KitsuneDsertPunk says:

        I am having that problem right now. And I know its not my graphics driver since I play many games.

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Some people reported similar “black screen” issues on Vista, and they solved them in several ways. Comments with the different solutions can be read on //

          Additionally, I’ll just copy and paste some of these solutions here:

          1. Updating your graphics card drivers
          2. Try to disable your antivirus in case this is what could be causing it
          3. Move the game to another folder
          4. Right-clicking on the game, enter “Properties”, go to “Compability”.

          Please let me know if you find any solutions to the problem. I’ve had some other people test the game on Windows 10 too, and they played it without any problems, so it’s difficult to know exactly what could be causing this…

        • Tempy111 says:

          “And I know its not my graphics driver since I play many games.”

          sorry to say this, but that statement is crap. not every game uses the SAME Graphics engine at all. and even then, there are tons of reasons why two games using the very same graphic engine don’t work the same.

          If you ever learn about programming or computer software in general, you should learn more detail on the various reasons for this. But i’ll say NEVER claim something like that.. It’s like saying “My Snes game should work on my MegaDrive cause I play a lot of games on it”… hell, it’s worse for Consoles. I can’t think of a single MegaDrive after the Mk3 which will run EVERY MegaDrive game without issues. Some of the cheap knock-offs by people like Blaze, cost more then a second hand original and have much smaller working game libraries.

      • thatguyumet says:

        i am having this trouble right now, and none of the recommended options you listed worked.

  6. AJDARK says:

    Yeah, I have Windows 10, but it doesn’t work and I’ve tried practically every solution on this page that I know how to do

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      It’s hard to know what’s causing it for those who experience it, since the solutions so far have been so different. Does it happen to several games, or only this one? Do you run a lot of programs at the same time?

      If I do a quick Google search for “Windows 10 games lag”, there’s a lot of threads on multiple forums about these issues and a ton of different solutions, where while some of these worked for some people, they didn’t work for others…

      Did you try the compability mode? (Right click the exe file, choose “Compability”, and choose something other than Windows 10).

      • Tempy111 says:

        I prepared a long post but sadly.. due to error, lost it ¬_¬

        I have had it tested on a Win10 machine with 3.60ghz quad core, 24gb ram and Geforce GTX 750ti graphics card. I have tested it on a XP 2.60ghz, 1gb ram Radeon 7500. My main machine is a Win8.1 2.40ghz quad core 12gb (intel HD 4600 and GeForce GT740M). On all of them it is fine.

        on my main machine, I get a CPU load of 9& maximum on the game (which would be.. 0.7ghz) and about 25mb ram when running. What is the state of your machine? Check your Task Manager. Do you get a high CPU load when running it, or at rest. Do you get a high Ram usage? without knowing what your setup is and your machine is like, it’s very hard to suggest ways to deal with it apart from the basic standard generic ways.

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Thanks for doing these tests Tempy ^_^

          If anyone who reads this have experienced the same issues and found a solution not among those written here, I’d appreciate if you could let us know.

  7. MentleGen says:

    So… when I try to fight the catboy… I just win without a fight.

    and after beating catboy like that, when I go to home re-fight with catgirl also wins without a fight…

    It only happens when I win the catboy.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for letting me know. I just looked briefly at it but I’m having trouble figuring out exactly what it could be, so it would be really helpful if you could provide me with the following info:

      1. When you say win without a fight, does it mean that the “You Won” message appears once you start the battle?

      2. Does it also happen on a re-fight with Calix The Catboy, or only when you won the first time?


  8. Tempy111 says:

    first, not really a bug but only Left Shift allows running, Right Shift doesn’t (the Shift by the Caps lock key is left).

    but the more interesting thing is when I was battling Calix.. The battle was going fairly well. I then used a healing potion on both Erwan and Golda, and then for the NPCs turn, Rina turned up to work for him. Wasn’t that bothered (I wonder why I have such a weakness for pink hair…) but it didn’t seam right.. for Calix’s second attack, Rina was back again.. I’ve included the screen shot of the first attack:

    I was, However, carring on my save file from the first game so while that shouldn’t have effected it (Enemy variables should be set to Calix’s if the coding is how I think), I wonder if somehow either that, or more likely, due to the potions, that it got reset to her..

    When it was back to my turn, Rina had buggered off and I was screwing Calix and he was back to screwing Erwan and Golda. Then, in the same battle, I gave Erwan a potion but not Golda, and no problems. No Rina. I then gave Golda a potion and not Erwan, and Rina was back again.

    So.. I would say something is being set which shouldn’t be when a potion is being used on Golda, or atleast before the NPCs turn (haven’t tried on one-on-one battle).

    I haven’t tested with a new file but hopefully, that should be a simple matter ^_^ I often find a minor spelling mistake or forgotten variable brings much trouble.

    • Tempy111 says:

      Minor unrelated update.. Lost the battle ^_^;, got into a fight with a Monster Tree, first attacks I used the sword and then a kick. Second round I used a bomb (bombs had worked before) but this time, it seamed to miss the target and then nothing happened. the game didn’t seam to lock up, but I think either code for ‘missed’ for a bomb (Golda throw it) isn’t working OR there isn’t any and the bomb should have hit, but when it didn’t, the game is still waiting for the command to carry on.

      • Tempy111 says:

        And back again ^_^;
        After winning the battle, Talking to Roslinda in the Pub, having her go to the brothel, I decided to re-fight Rina.. it went right to the ‘you win’ screen and then when clicked, dumped me on this area of the map:

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Thanks a lot for reporting these issues! I’ll take a look at them asap (I think I know what could be causing some of them to happen but I’m not sure yet)

          • Vanja Vanja says:

            Ok, I was able to fix the bomb issue and the Rina appearance issue, and replaced the download link with a fixed version. I’m still trying to find out what is causing the “You Won” appearance on the re-fights, though…need to look a bit deeper there.

  9. Gerald says:

    I have tried all the solutions (except for the graphics card which is intel hd 4000 since it is a laptop im using and there is no updates for it) and im unsuccessful in fixing my problem and the funny thing is that the problem exists just for your games vanja i have a quite a few other erotic games that work fine and its the same problem on all of your games im afraid. i think it would be silly to buy a whole new computer just to play your games. the thing is though i really do enjoy your games otherwise i wouldn’t have joined your site. it makes me sad but i guess i have to live with it or until other solutions pop up that i can try and hopefully fix. i will check this section out periodically to see any replies that have come along. Thank you in advance for any help anyone can offer! and btw Happy Fapping everyone!

  10. Thoughts says:

    Here’s a bug I found.

    After you fight the Fuzzy Devil, if you go fight any of the slimes again before fighting Rina, the Fuzzy Devil is still there on the screen during the fight. It seems to be just the graphic, as the fight still works as normal for a fight with a slime. Once I fought Rina, things corrected themselves, but not until. I also tried sleeping once to see if that solved the residual Fuzzy Devil, but it was still there until you fought Rina.

    I too had the issue of getting dumped into the field when I tried to refight Rina at the Inn and getting locked out of the game.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for letting me know. I’m currently looking into the issue, and I think I have found out what was causing it (need to do a bit more testing though, just to be sure).

  11. Tatsurou says:

    I was playing the new version 2, and I encountered something odd.

    When I went up against the Catboy, I selected to fight with only Golda…and I instantly got the victory screen. When i tried to refight in the brothel, it happened again, then glitched to the screen where I’d first encountered him.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for letting me know. This issue has been reported a few times, and I think I have found out what’s causing it (I just need to test it a bit more just to be sure).

  12. Chiron Maximus says:

    Ok, this is freaky, but kinda cool. When I load up the game, I accidentally clicked on the girls to the right, and I found some kind of unintentional Easter egg. When I clicked, first it was just a bed with a weird green ball in the middle, but then I clicked fast or slow, then it showed the Catboy having sex with a girl that had pink hair, like in your preview. I couldn’t do “cum”, but I could make him go slow or fast. Idk if someone already posted this, but I figured I’d say it while I knew it.

    Comment #2:
    I know this is like a minute or two after the first bug I found, but this was an accident. I was at the inn, then I went to the next section of road, and accidentally hit “x” to open the menu, and it slid with the screen, showing the menu AND the road! I was able to exit out with space, thankfully, but it happened and I just wanted to let it be known.

    Comment #3:
    This is … kinda embarrassing, if not funny. Found another bug, this time with Rina after you beat her. I beat her and got her as an employee, and after her first customer, I wanted to re-fight her, and when I chose to re-fight, I won and got sex exp without every trying. Then when I clicked space to proceed, the camera went to Rina’s previous location, but I was able to fix it by going down the road, since the match put me outside the inn. I’m kind of starting to feel like a bug magnet.

    Comment #4:
    I think I became a bug magnet, cause when I tired to sex fight the catboy for the first time, I won straight away, like when I try to re-fight Rina. I figured new demos would have new bugs, but wow this is crazy.

    Comment #5:
    Alright, this is the last time I’m reporting a bug today, cause I’m just tired of it. Went to refight Rina again, won straight away again, but this time was different. This time, Rina AND the cat boy were standing there, even though it was just suppose to be Rina. I think maybe re-fighting Rina bugged every sex battle, so I’ll try a new game and see if I can fight the cat boy without winning straight away.

    Comment #6:
    The cat boy doesn’t appear for the rooms, so I can’t get his “service” video. Last bug comment for this demo, I promise.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for the bug reports! ^_^ (I combined your comments in one post)

      1: Ah, that was supposed to be an old thing for testing purposes…I’ve removed it now ^_^;

      2. This must’ve happened due to the screen moving downwards as you were pressing. I’ll take a look into this and see how I can fix it.

      3-6: due to a bug with the “You Won” screen, this affected the battles. This should now be fixed.

      Again, thanks for taking the time to send me the bug reports, I really appreciate it ^_^

      • Chiron Maximus says:

        I’m glad to help, and I’m sorry, but I found another bug. I managed to fight Callix properly, but when I went to the inn to see if he had any room service, he didn’t show up. I went through sever nights, and he didn’t show up once. Also, before I fought him, I tried approaching him, and the two characters disappeared, and after the talk was done, the screen went crazy until it finally set on a location that I was not at. Finally, I’m looking forward to Daisy the cowgirl; I saw the post about Erwan’s fuck and Golda’s play positions, but I was curious if you already set what Daisy would do. If you haven’t, then I have a few suggestions; For Erwan, a paizuri (titfuck) for play and “cowgirl” for fuck (since you have Rina doing reverse cowgirl, normal cowgirl might be appripriate.). For Golda, I think a little boob-on-boob action for play might be cool, and for fuck, she could take one of Golda’s legs, hold it up and grind against her, or do scissoring. What do you think?

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Thanks for the report. Did you download the new version? Also, did you talk to Rosalind in the pub?

          And thanks for the suggestions regarding Daisy, altough I have the actions ready (still, some of them are pretty close to some of what you suggested ;) )

          • Chiron Maximus says:

            Omg, I didn’t know there was another character to talk to after beating the catboy. I talked to her, and his service scene was available; I was even able to refight him too! Guess that means I should check EVERYWHERE when I accomplish something new. Thanks for letting me know!

  13. Anon says:

    When I finish the fight with the monster guy he don’t appear in the brothel.
    Also, don’t know if it’s a bug but after 2 clients I stop receiving clients at brothel.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Calix should appear after talking to Rina in the pub (she’s his first customer).

      This early on in the game, the hotel doesn’t get many customers, so in this version there will only be 2 bookings for Rina and 1 booking for Calix. As the game expands, Golda and Erwan will be able to attract more customers, and there will be a steady flow of them ^_^

  14. Anonymous says:

    I used a potion on the catboy fight when I had full health and the game soft locked. I was fighting with just golda.

  15. Alice says:

    It won’t let me play the game, the mouse isn’t coming up and no matter what I do, buttons wise or with my mouse it won’t let me play… Slightly confused.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      What happens when you press “Enter”? Nothing at all? Can you close it normally or does it hang up completely (becomes totally unresponsive)?

  16. lorenzo says:

    the game doesn’t start, the problems are the start,load and gallery button

  17. Devon98765 says:

    Ok so this isn’t really a bug but I can’t get my game to save. I do press the save button in the hotel lobby, but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong??

  18. Devon98765 says:

    Ok so just don’t mind my other comment, I got it to work after I moved the game to another folder. Not sure why the save file couldn’t be created in the folder I originally had it in, but anyway, it’s working now :)

  19. pedro says:

    I Finishi the dayse batle and i wim, more i fight with rina agaim and Daysi dont go away from me scream

  20. thatguyumet says:

    i tried to use the options you gave but it still does not work, i still have this problem -Every new screen I enter into in the game isn’t show, instead the previous screen that I was on is frozen in its place. If I move the characters they clip around the screen as still images, however if I minims the page and then open it up it shows my current location, but the characters still clip around the screen as a still image every time they move leaving a trail of previous images of themselves all along the screen.-

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      What operating system do you use? Have you recently upgraded to Windows 10? I’ve heard from several people who got problems after doing that upgrade. While the game has been tested and works on Windows 10, there might be certain programs or simply the graphics card drivers that aren’t properly updated when doing an OS upgrade, that might cause errors like these.

      Did you update your graphics card drivers?

  21. Eks says:

    I have found two bugs, the first entrance on the right on the path from your hotel, if you kill the goo monster sometimes you will spawn after the win in the trees and you will be stuck there and have to restart. Other is the first pathway on the left of the hotel if you move to the next screen and then back again you will be stuck in between screens and game will freeze.

    • Vanja Vanja says:


      Thanks for reporting these bugs ^_^

      What version are you playing, by the way? Did you download the newest public version from this site, or the newest Patreon release? (I thought I fixed those issues a while back…but I could remember it wrong, or there could be something else that would cause it to happen anyway).

  22. Chelsea says:

    i have the same problem abaout the freeze, i play the game in a x64 Win 10 OS and was horrible, so i tried test in a x32 Win 10 OS and run correctly, mby the game is afected by a win 10 act for OS 64x, well I would like to play on my pc but this is my experience, ( sorry my inglish is very poor ) great game, i will support you, nice job.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for reporting this! Interesting to know it would run fine on the 32bit but not the 64bit (it’s been tested on multiple 32bit and 64bit computers with Windows 10, so it’s still hard to know exactly what the issue is…)

      • Tempy111 says:

        Yeah, a bit confusing as I have x64 as well as most people I know, and it’s call fine.. I wonder if its more a case of if the graphics card doesn’t have a valid x64 Win10 driver… as it does seam to be a Graphic problem..

  23. Snake says:

    After i defeated Catboy, he didn’t appear in the brothel.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Did you sleep first? After defeating a new character, it’s often needed to sleep (start a new day) first in order to make them appear.

      • Ele says:

        I had the same problem. Slept and he still hasn’t appeared. I was even able to go get Daisy, who now appears in the brothel after sleeping again, but Catboy still isn’t there.

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Did you visit Rosalind in the pub? (The re-fight should still be there, I thought I’d already fixed the issue with him not appearing before meeting up with Rosalind in the pub first, but maybe not…I’ll check into it ^_^)

  24. Tempy111 says:

    When crossing screens in the Dark woods, the one time the cutscene with Batilda started but the characters were stuck running on the spot. I think possibly they were aligned a bit too low down so the code didn’t run right. Minor adjustment should deal with that. Attached image showing the place they walked on the spot:

    • Tempy111 says:

      opps, did attached but I forgot it doesn’t like img tags so:

      • Tempy111 says:

        Also ^_^ Akina oncewent of a couple of turns healing herself, the game would pause on her turn as if it was waiting but couldn’t do a move, this was after Golda was knocked out but Erwan still in. However, after closing game and trying again (both times from a previous save) it seamed to work fine. Possible missing a checking case to say ‘If one is knocked out, can’t do a double attack, so look for another possible move’ I think.. but i’m not sure ^_^

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Thanks for reporting these! I remember fixing them a while back in the Patreon releases, so obviously I have uploaded the old unfixed version… ^_^;

          I’ll fix this now and re-upload it :)

    • mrttao says:

      had the same issue,
      i thought it might have been because i was using shift to fast move at the time

      • Vanja Vanja says:

        No, it’s actually because of a collision if moving too close to the bush below ^_^

        Anyway, this bug was fixed a long while back in Patreon releases, but I somehow uploaded the unfixed version instead…I’m currently uploading the new version now ^_^

  25. mrttao says:

    Issues I have seen so far with v4:
    1. the stuck on cutscene with new girl – already reported. just including it for completeness
    2. if I level my regular combat to 9 or higher then my normal attacks now deal 0 damage to all normal enemies. at 8 it still works
    3. after recruiting the kitsune i went down 1 screen. at that point i could go up or left. I went left and then right then left a couple of times too fast and it ended up leaving me off screen. I was able to walk back on screen though. still it was kinda weird

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for reporting these. They’re fixed in the version I’m uploading now, except the third one (when the player moves too fast between the screens they sometimes get left behind…I’m still working on finding an easy way to fix this ^_^)

  26. Mouseguru says:

    In the public release version, once the catboy is available in the hotel, clicking slow, fast or cum does nothing and I have to quit and reload. slow, fast and cum work for the catgirl and the cowgirl. (The foxgirl doesn’t seem to have customers yet.)

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for reporting this! It’s fixed, and I will upload the new version soon ^_^

      And yes, Akina doesn’t have any customers in the public version yet.

  27. malonies says:

    Whne i finished a re-fight with Daisy for funcys i holded down shift and the screen just started to move to upper left corner and showing like the shop the hotel the wepon shop training place. Hope you an wind the reason and btw a relly good game you have created

  28. Oz says:

    Found a bug , if you battle Akina then flee then choose to rebattle rina in the hotel Akina is also on the screen while in battle with rina

  29. Apples says:

    After beating catboy for the first time, he’s supposed to appear at the brothel right? or is there another requirement? i went to sleep for the night but he still doesn’t appear in the lobby, i can still fight cowgirl tho, i tried restarting the game and nothing, idk if it’s a bug

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for reporting this, I’ll look into it. I suspect it could be an issue with wether or not you’ve been to the pub an talked to the pink-haired girl (she appears there after beating Calix). She would become his first customer.

  30. Kyvex says:

    I think there is a post above talking about the Windows 10 Glitch, but did you ever find a solution to fix it? Because I’ve checked most forums and links that deal with this glitch but ended up with no solution to it.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Unfortunately, there isn’t any “one-way fix” to this problem…I’ve even had it tested in two upgraded computers with two completely different results. And it always seem to happen only in upgrades, and not when people buy a new computer with Windows 10 (the game’s been tested on multiple Windows 10 computers so the OS is not the problem itself).

      It seems to be cause by a ton of things (antivirus, certain software, graphics card drivers, etc.). It’s totally frustrating, and kind of mind-boggling as well considering how widespread these problems are (tons of forums, including Steam, have multiple threads where people experience these issues, but few seems to find any solutions other than revert to an older OS or simply buy a new computer with Windows 10).

      • Tempy111 says:

        Virtual machine emulator with an older OS running (XP is perfectly fine) … oh damn.. I think i’m old.. while I had used 3.1, my first Windows machine was Windows 95.. the 98.. XP was a big thing then, much hated.. but that didn’t last long.. people today at are old enough to play this can be people they don’t even remember windows XP or anything.. I still use MS-Dos. the Microsoft port of Dos which is for PCs.. it’s what made the company.. damn I feel old now….. screw this.. I’ll be happy in saying Vanja doesn’t look old and she Is.. about one and a half (maybe 2) years older then me ^_^ So if the old lady isn’t old, i’m not ^_^

        what was the question again?

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Heh heh, thanks ^_^

          I just received an e-mail from someone who previously tried pretty much everything but couldn’t fix the issue, but now, right out of the blue, the games suddenly work. Maybe it had something to do with an automatic Windows Update in his case.

  31. Just letting you know says:

    If for some reason you decide to open the menu while moving at just the wrong moment you are able to become completely stuck and for some reason (maybe due to the loading zone?) you the pause screen stays up forever. Not even sure why I tried this to begin with but yeah definately a glitch. Note that for the bug to occur you need to hit x at nearly the same moment as the loading screen would go.

    Also sorry just noticed another glitch. So if you go to the training place and hit space instead of clicking the text box saying you only do this once per day comes up if you then click then the text disppears (oddly) but not the picture, if you hit space it goes away and with another certain timing (sorry not as sure about this but I think it’s right when you leave if you hit space then you can walk with the text and bring it anywhere you want until you hit space, also not really sure what would happen if 2 text boxes collided from something like this. I think there are 2 things that could happen though 1. the text is completely unreadable due to 2 text boxes on top of each other or 2. the new one just deletes the current one that’s glitched.

    Sorry again but here’s one last comment I figured out kind of how to trigger the moving text block and that’s possible by spamming x and space until you can also move what’s interesting is that if you get in battle the text will still be there and it blocks how much hp you and enemy have. Also just tested the text block colliding glitch that I mentioned and here’s what happens it covers the first text box with the new one yet only provides the very first dialogue and then it goes away you can go to the area again (for daisy) to trigger the first part and the rest also the text glitch and also glitch the positions of you and Golda until you move another direction. Also the text glitch carries over to chests as well so then you can walk around with 2 health potions but if you leave the screen then it goes away but if you return it’s still there. Also if you hit x the items aren’t added but if you hit space then they are added and the potions being on screen goes away. Oh also if you defeat the orange enemy at the beginning and then hit the green slime then the orange enemy isn’t removed from the memory and is behind the green slime still also attacking it causes the green slime to temporarily go behind the orange enemy. basically the problem is that when you get an item from a battle you can still move. Although that might have been because I had a text box on screen before the battle. Lastly if you have the text box open then Rina will do the same thing as daisy but with weirder results this time you have to hit space but you can’t see all of the dialogue and can only actually see every 2nd thing (which is weird). Anyways this comment is long but that’s all the bugs I have for now hopefully these are able to help.

    • Vanja Vanja says:


      I combined your comments into one. Thanks for reporting these issues, I will look into it and fix it as soon as I can ^_^

  32. Jody Reeder says:

    I don’t have a bug, just a question. I downloaded this, isn’t there a way to have a shortcut
    of this game installed on my computer? TY.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      The game doesn’t install on your computer, thus it does not create shortcuts. All depending on the OS you have, you should be able to create shortcuts by yourself, though (usually right-clicking on the file, and choose “Create shortcut”, then you can put that shortcut where you want it ^_^).

  33. 8y64fc6 says:

    1 bug and one maybe-bug in the public build:
    When I walk onto pretty much any screen in the game, turning around immediately doesn’t take me back. Instead, I can just walk offscreen forever. Walking back on all the way lets me go back though.

    Also, I noticed that at some point the vacant house changes to say that it belongs to ‘Zuzanna’, but interacting with the door seems to bring up the same text as before. Not sure if that’s a bug or just content that hasn’t been added yet.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for reporting this^_^

      The issue with quickly turning back (especially while holding down the shift button and walking faster) when the screen is just about to change, is something I’m working on finding a solution to.

      Zuzana is currently available in Patreon pre-releases, but not in this version, so the sign shouldn’t have changed. I’ll have it fixed ^_^

  34. wolfman says:

    Hard to tell if this is an actual bug or the Ai but i figured I’d let you know, for some odd reason when i get luretta the futa down a quarter of her health she seems to just reactivate her regeneration i know most monster do that but it’s always when i get her to a certain she reuses it i though they only had a limited us of it and it just seems odd

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      That’s strange…it is supposed to appear at random, otherwise, she would be unbeatable if she just kept regenerating her health…did you try again, and the same thing happened? Also, did it happen when having both Erwan and Golda in battle, or only with one of them?

  35. Animorpher says:

    I downloaded the latest version of the game and after batteling Akina,Luretta and Bardolf and adding them to my hotel (i saved the game afterwards) i visited the new village and after putting up the ad i visited Zar the Naga and viewed his animations. I then returned to the warp crystal but instead of giving me the option to warp back i ended up back with Zar the Naga animations screen.After hitting the leave button i now only have the cave with Zar,Zar the Naga himself and my money showing on the screen with the music playing as normal.Golda and Ewan are nowhere to be seen and i cant move at all.

  36. uchiha says:

    There are two bugs for me that happen

    One is when I fight those plants and throw a bomb eventually it freezes and won’t let me do anything else.

    The other I was fighting a slime and after I beat it I somehow glitched into the bushes and couldn’t get out.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for reporting these issues! I’ll take a look asap. I thought the bush issue when fighting one of the slimes was already fixed, but maybe it happens elsewhere? Do you think it would be possible for you to explain which slime this happened with/what area?

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