Here’s a list of the current characters in the game (the ones that you can encounter and have sex with, and that will work at the hotel if you beat them).

Rina The Catgirl


Calix The Catboy


Daisy The Cowgirl


Akina The Foxgirl


Lurette The Futa


Bardolf The Wolfboy



Zar The Naga



Carla The Slimegirl



Sesha The Lamia



Kaida The Dragongirl



Asta The Harpy



Maggie The Furry Girl






Veda The Vampire (available in the Patreon releases)



Elva The Futa Fairy (available in the Patreon releases)


Clovis The Horseboy (available in the Patreon releases)



Kizzie The Bunnygirl (available in the Patreon releases)



Jettie The Fairygirl (soon available in the Patreon releases)




If you support the project on Patreon, you can help the game reach further goals/milestones, including more characters!


152 Responses to Characters

  1. Secret says:

    A suggestion and a question.

    Suggestion: Do you plan on having the ability to have sexfights with any monster’s you’ve recruited? That would be cool!

    Question: How many monsters will be in this game?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      As of now, you can only view the sexfight animations in the gallery after beating the monsters/monstergirls. I’m not sure yet if there would be an option for re-fights, but I’ll think about it!

      I don’t know how many characters there will be in the game, but I will try to add as many as possible, both male and female (and futa ^_^).

      • Secret says:


        I only have one question left: When is the next update scheduled for?

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Currently I’m not able to have any schedules for updates (if the Patreon gets enough support I’ll be able to do that). However, I do work on it a little bit each day in my spare time, and I hope it won’t be too long until I can add the next update ^_^

      • Qinlongfei says:

        Maybe add a function to the Inn where you can re-do battle with monsters you already recruited to train your stats?

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Uhm…but this is already there… ^_^

          When they don’t have any customers, you can re-fight them, and thus earn a few extra sex stats.

  2. Crownlander says:

    Whew this looks great kinda reminds me of your Medusa game a bit though with orgasm scenes! *Sweetness!*

    I was wondering though will there be any kinda punishing scenes for losing in a sexfight?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thank you ^_^

      I don’t have any punishing scenes for losing, though.

      • Crownlander says:

        Gotcha maybe for the bosses in possible future updates like a surprise game over. :)

        wouldja mind if I spread the word in a few forums I know some you probable do too. Might get you a few donations but also a few maybe more…Ugh you the type.. *Can I HAZ FREE VANJA GAMES!*

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          I wouldn’t mind if people help me spread the word (altough the ones you mention last I’m fairly familiar with… ^_^;). Before you do, though, maybe you can send me an e-mail and tell me what forums you have in mind? (There are some forums where there really isn’t much point in posting anything about my projects… ^_^; )

  3. Dezsaras says:

    I’m so eager to see the FUTA monster girls you are going to add. ^^

    Also, I hope you can add more playable characters, too. I don’t know if that would affect the plot, but it would be amazing if you could know different characters (specially girls) who wants to join your party throught the game and, by that way, you could choose as what characters you want to play.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks ^_^

      I’m afraid I won’t add more playable characters, as that would take too much time and I’d like to focus on adding more monsters and monstergirls instead. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

      • Secret says:

        I’m personally not a fan of futanari, would you be okay with adding an option to fight a non-penis version of those girls?

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          I don’t think I’ll have a girl-only version of the futa’s, but there should be a lot of normal monstergirls anyway, the futa’s won’t “take over” the game ^_^

  4. Thoughts says:

    The looks pretty neat and I look forward to seeing how it develops. However, I have a suggestion on game play:

    With the low strength of the beginning characters and the high hit points of the slimes, the fight sequence is rather tedious in the beginning. Add to this that the XP system would require you to have to labor through 10 slime fights, each feeling long and tedious, just to power up strength a step, and you have a mechanic that’s a little bit of a hurdle to someone first trying the game. Since you need to get stronger to have a real chance against the Devil, the tedious act of having to just level your strength up one step makes this too seem like a drag.

    I would suggest adding something, like an equip that can be bought, to help strengthen the characters for these early fights or make the leveling for their initial levels easier to reach. Alternately, making the slimes have half as many hit points would solve the problem somewhat too, or at least making them easier to injure.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for the feedback! ^_^

      In the next update I will add a place where you can level up your strength (in the village, one of the houses there), and I’ll also add more items that can be used in fights :)

  5. Thoughts says:

    I also have another thought. Now, while I understand the game is only in its beginning stages, as it stands the only time you use the sex combat stats is the one fight with Rina. After that, there is no other way to level those skills. While the fight with Rina isn’t all that hard to do, even with the stats so low, I’d suggest adding some kind of generic enemy that can the characters can employ sex attacks on to build up their levels. Doesn’t need to be anything overly intricate, just something that would allow one to hone those skills.

    Just a suggestion

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Yes, I mentioned in one of the comments on the first blog post that I’ll probably add an option to “re-fight” the monsters/monstergirls you’ve defeated, which will increase your sex skills. I also have a few other things in mind that will help you increase those skills :)

  6. Everyone Poops But You says:

    For a game in it’s beginning stages, it’s pretty decent and it’s certainly got my attention. I’m really looking forward to you adding more monstergirl/boy(s) to the game. I do suggest that you add some variability to the combat mechanic. For example, more combat items, like a bomb to deal more damage to non-sex enemies? You could do the same for sex enemies of course, but these are only my ideas.

    Status effects would be pretty nice too, something that adds to battle system. There could be a set of “combat” status buffs/debuffs and “sex” status buffs/debuffs. Just a suggesting. :p

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks! ^_^

      And yes, there will be more items you can buy (one of them will include a bomb ;) ), plus the ability to learn magic, so there will be more variety to the battles.

      And yes, status effects will also be added (mainly for magic attacks).

  7. Grip says:

    I was also thinking a possible idea is with the cat characters that for Rina that Golda and her could grind against her tail, or give Erwan a tail job if it is not in yet.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Rina’s battle is finished as it is so I won’t be adding more animations for her (except for the hotel of course, there will be more animations for Rina there with her customers ^_^), but “tail jobs” will be used for some other monstergirls :)

  8. Cole says:

    Any chance there will be a harpy? :)

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Yes, there will be a harpy (the drawing of one was actually added on the Patreon page a few days ago). When I have finished the drawings of some more of the upcoming characters, I’ll add them to this list ^_^

      • Gues says:

        Here’s an idea I’d like to see.

        When Golda fights one of the succubus enemies you have planned (you seem to have at least two planned currently). Can you have so that as the succubus/succubi fuck her, she slowly transforms into a succubus herself and that if the transformation completes, you get a game over? I think that would be cool.

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Thanks for the suggestion! I haven’t really planned for there to be game over’s in the game, but transformations is something that could be easily added in one way or another ^_^

  9. Secret says:

    I have a whole bunch of ideas for monstergirls, can I share them?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Sure! So far I have also made a harpy and a lamia (posted them on the Patreon a while back), and am currently working on a dragongirl. But suggestions/ideas are always welcome ^_^

  10. Not Saying says:

    Slime girl?

  11. DarkMaster says:

    I’m surprised that you’re calling the monster boys just monsters. Usually the way I think of monster ‘folk’ is if they have a human-like, a human-like torso, and a skin belly, they’re a monster folk. More of a catch all for monster girls and boys.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Yeah, I suppose you’ve got a point there. Maybe it would be more appropriate to refer to the characters as either “monsters” (simply all genders), or both monstergirls and monsterboys…

      • DarkMaster says:

        I don’t think that ‘monster’ alone is the way to go, since that term also covers the slimes and other random fantasy creatures you add to the game too. That’s why I usually call them monster people or monster folk.

        • Tempy111 says:

          Slimes aren’t monsters.. they are living breathing creatures. and when one male Slime gets together with a female slime, they make a baby slime.. or if a slime gets together with another creature and makes a kinda not possible baby, it’s a Slime-half. ^_^

  12. Guest says:

    ‘Kay. Here you go! I based it off of some monster girls I’ve seen in other works.

    Slime girl
    Fox girl
    Rabbit girl
    Sheep girl
    Raccoon/Tanuki girl
    Plant girl
    Mushroom girl
    Tree girl
    Hornet girl (I find the idea of this hotter than the idea of a Bee Girl opponent.)
    Moth girl
    Mosquito girl
    Frog girl
    Bear girl
    Pig girl
    Tiger girl
    Spider girl
    Penguin girl
    Lizard girl
    Mantis girl
    Fairy girl
    Pixie girl (Pixies and Fairies while looking very similar are different in nature. Fairies are more associated with good while Pixies are more associated with mischief. To represent this in the game aside , you could give Fairies white magic attacks while Pixies get black magic attacks.)
    Doll girl
    Cyclops girl
    Octopus girl
    Crab Girl
    Mouse girl
    Squirrel girl
    Devil Bug girl
    Mud girl
    Mummy girl
    Scorpion girl
    Ghost girl
    Vampire girl
    Witch girl
    Snow girl (Not a snow witch, a girl made out of snow)
    Turtle girl
    Angel girl
    Breakfast girl
    Bubblegum girl
    Water Elemental girl
    Fire Elemental girl

    I hope you like these ideas! If you have any questions feel free to ask me! Oh, and can we get some more info on the two succubi characters? I’m really curious about them!

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      That’s a good list of monstergirls, thanks! ^_^

      And yes, I will add some more info about the succubi soon :)

  13. Wolfarix says:

    For a starter RPG, this is pretty awesome! Animations are nice, however like many have said the combat systems in monster love hotel could be scaled a bit, because battles that should not take that long to accomplish, heck, the only reason why I beat the Furry Demon was because I found a 1000 gold chest and just brought a bunch of strength potions, players shouldn’t need to focus on purely the items to win. But I’m not fully complaining, this game is free which is epic to begin with and I hope that you continue your hard work to keep bringing us content more like this! :D

    Your awesome Vanja ^w^

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks ^_^

      In the next update there will be more ways to level up (a training house for example), and also more items that will make battles more easy and give them more variation.

  14. Guest says:

    First of all I’d like to congratulate you on your first Futa design Vanja! You’ve somehow managed to make that design appeal to me and I can’t put my finger on why. I’m actually looking forward to fighting that now!

    Secondly, you might find this hard to believe, but I’ve come up with more monster girl ideas! Should I post that list as well?

  15. Guest says:

    Sorry about the double post, but I forgot about this in my original message. You didn’t mention the succubi in your update…Can we get at least a small tidbit of info or are you not ready to reveal anything about them yet?

  16. Question says:

    Will Golda gain a spell that turns her into a futa through an entire sexbattle? I want to fight Lurette as a futa version of Golda!

  17. Guest says:

    Okay, I will post the ideas in a few hours.

    Just wanted to add something. The idea of being able to play as a futa Golda after the use of a spell for one sexbattle would be a nice idea. I didn’t think I’d be into futas…but for some reason I like futa designs with long hair (I discovered that thanks to your Lurette drawing. Thanks for that by the way!). Therefore, a futa Golda on futa Lurette battle is something I can totally get behind!

  18. Guest says:

    Here’s the new batch of monster girls! (Feel free to make male variants of any monstergirl listed here or in the list above)

    Crystal girl
    Sand girl
    Origami girl
    Crow/Raven girl
    Owl girl
    Duck girl
    Hen girl
    Peahen Girl
    Turkey girl
    Penguin girl
    Parrot girl
    Flamingo girl
    Emu girl
    Dragonfly/Damselfly girl
    Shark girl
    Jellyfish girl
    Crocodile girl
    Velociraptor girl
    Gorilla girl
    Chimp girl
    Horse girl
    Zebra girl
    Camel girl
    Rhino girl
    Elephant girl
    Beaver girl
    Hedgehog girl
    Kangaroo girl
    Lemur girl
    Badger girl
    Skunk girl
    Clown girl (Some people would argue Clowns are monsters, so I decided to include them on this list)
    Grey alien girl
    Martian girl
    Leprechaun girl
    Water Fairy/Undine girl
    Phoenix girl
    Thunderbird girl
    Unicorn girl
    Pegasus girl
    Genie girl
    Mermaid (I’m surprised I left this off my original list)

    If you decide you want to include more stuff like “Clown girl”, where you fight a monster girl based off something
    human, feel free to tell me! I do have some ideas for those too!

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      That’s a lot of ideas! Thanks a lot ^_^

      • Guest says:

        You’re very welcome!

        I’m glad to see the succubi are the final bosses!

        I have some more questions.

        1. Will there be multiple girls of a set species? Like adding say, more cat girls to the game?
        2. Will you add more areas to find monsters to recruit aside from the Forest? Like say adding a Mountain Range or a Desert for example?
        3. Will the ability to turn Erwin and Golda into a monster species be implemented? Like say once you’re recruited a monster/monster girl you could ask them to turn the protagonists into the same species as them? Like if Golda were to ask Rina to turn her into a cat girl via sex? that would be really cool!
        4. Can you go to the succubi’s brothel and steal their workers by beating the workers in sexbattles? That way Erwin and Golda’s hotel can have some succubi of their own! If not…can we at least get the task of recruiting a succubi in the future?
        5. If you win the final battle with the succubi, can they come work in Erwin and Golda’s hotel?

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          1. That’s very likely ^_^

          2. Yes, there will be different areas that will suit the monster types.

          3. I don’t think that would be an option…there might be some options for transformations and such (magic), but most likely not for every single species.

          4 and 5. When beating the succubi, they’ll come work for you ;). The pair don’t have other workers there, though, they’re just highly popular due to all their “skills” ;)

          • Guest says:


            I’m going to assume this means the succubi know every single magic sex attack in this game. As long as I get to use those attacks in the game I won’t mind.

            Just making sure, I will be able to fight the Aveira and Kitra with just Golda right? And they will be able to do threesome attacks on Golda right? :)

            If I ever produce another list of monstergirls (which I might), I’ll be sure to send that to you as well!

  19. Aww says:

    I was hoping the dragon girl in this would look similar to the dragon girl in your Witchcraft game.

    Is it possible we can get a dragon girl that looks like the dragon girl in Witchcraft in the future?

  20. Vanja Vanja says:

    “Just making sure, I will be able to fight the Aveira and Kitra with just Golda right? And they will be able to do threesome attacks on Golda right?”

    Yes, with all the characters you can choose wether to play with both Golda and Erwan, or just one of them. And the succubi will do threesome attacks ;)

    • twlfahotw says:

      So, the succubi will do threesome attacks? That is outstanding. Oh, poor, poor Erwan………;)

  21. I'm curious says:

    What are your plans for magic attacks in this game? Will you get magic that does damage, places buff and debuffs on a opponent, etc?

    • I'm curious says:

      The reason I said “put buffs” on an opponent is due to the fact I heard from a friend one of the Witchcraft games let you fully restore an enemies health.

      • Vanja Vanja says:

        Yes, there will be some “debuff” magic attacks that will make the attacks of the enemies weaker. Magic can be used for multiple things (in both “normal” battles and the sex battles).

  22. Sorry that this doesn't have to do with this game... says:

    You know that Princess Peach game you were working on? When’s the next update to that coming out? I want to sexbattle Princess Daisy!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Will there only be a male werewolf or will there be a female as well?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      At this moment, I’m not sure. How many new characters that will be added after the current ones have been implemented into the game, will depend on a lot of things, so we’ll just have to wait and see ^_^

      • Anonymous says:

        Well awesome I do hope you add a female werewolf just cause there is a stunning lack of those in anything but whatever you end up with ought to be awesome keep up the amazing work!

  24. Joe says:

    I know your not taking votes on characters as of now, but I really think the Futa should have both a vagina and a penis. Have Erwan bang her and Golda sucking, Golda riding the Futa and Erwan licking, vice-verse, Erwan banging her either anally or her vag and Golda doing her in anally or vag depnding on what Erwan is doing, even have Golda riding the Futa while Golda wears a strap-on forcing the Futa to suck it. There;s really endless possibilities with the futa. I know without a doubt be a pain in the ass to do several animations but maybe you could use some different scenarios for the Futa.

    It just me, but a lot of the Futa stuff I’ve seen from back in the day had both genitally. with just a dick it doesn’t seem the same. I believe the word Futanari means both sex organs in Japanese folk lore, anime. With just a dick it becomes shemale. By no means I am criticizing your work, just throwing an opinion out there. Look forward for an update because I am still going to play it :)

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      My personal experience so far is that people have pretty split opinions/taste when it comes to futa…some prefer with both vagina and penis, other prefer one with testicles instead of vagina. Thus, I’ll most likely have some futa characters with a vagina and some without ^_^

      • Tempy111 says:

        it’s also a lot more complex then that… in fact, it’s more growing in the transgender movements that ‘shemale’ is a very offensive term to refer to natural born sexual transgenders (girls born with male parts, boys born with female parts).. there is also a bit on the brain in wrong body side too but that issue is completely different..

        Japanese folklaw and Anime are two different things.. Anime refers to Japanese animation which is often based on comics, which Japanese comics are ‘manga’. Like with a lot of countries, comics were sourced from folklaw, myth and local legends. UK did it a lot, US did it a lot, japan do it a lot. some countries take a lot of it more to heart (there is a UK charity designed to help black cats.. it seams a lot of people think they are unluckly which means they have a HELL of a harder time getting them adopted when owners are nasty to there pets, or don’t get them done so they can’t have kids and don’t support them (it’s easier to support a female cat with kittens then a male cat.. you often can’t FIND a male cat’s kittens.)

        anyway.. the Japanese word ‘Futanari’ means one of two kinds and was just the word for Hermaphorditism… a lot of people these days use it just to mean girls with male parts ¬_¬ the OLDEST forms of folk law that used it were in fact dosojins. They were guardian sprities of.. no real fixed gender. Like Angels in christiany, they mostly didn’t have ANY gender (in the Christian holy book ‘the holy bible’ they have no gender at all for angels.. but idiots like to make them male or female to go with there.. simpler views of life.)

        I can give you some examples and things on British folklaws.. which are things like Brownies & Caitsiths and I’m sure Vanja can give you some information on Norweign folklaws.. I know she has an interest ^_^

        America is pretty new so unless you go to the … more native peoples, many of which have been completely wiped out, there aren’t as many folklaws there.. I can give a bit on some of the Inca and Aztec ones.. I know some irish and Greek

        • Joe says:

          Good reply :)

          I did mean both Magna and Anime, the earlier amine had both a penis and vagina. But I did look up the word Futanari some time ago when I started seeing more “futa” that had all male parts. And like I said earlier depictions showed both a penis and vagina, so I kind of was curious to find out what the word may have originally meant.

          I’m not sure why artists are calling a female with all male genitals futanari, I do understand some people that are transgender, or not, may find it disrespectful to see comics, ect., using the word ‘shemale’, but at the same time (not to be critical) I dont really see why some would find it offensive.

          • Tempy111 says:

            Non English? doesn’t matter..
            anyway.. mostly the same reason people call short people dwarfs. It is a mixture between people not being able to tell real from fantasy (Dwarfs are a fantasy race which are short, overly hairy etc) and people wanting to use terms so others (mostly the dumb people, see case one) can understand.

            not seeing how it is personally, I don’t see how the term Nigger is that offensive, but in most of America (north and south) it is highly offensive for a ‘white’ person (a term I find highly offensive) to say it, but okay for people not ‘white’ (so various shades of brown, Black (and I don’t mean African, I mean BLACK! we are talking about centural Australians here), half casts and various others inbetween. I do understand how calling a darker skinned person ‘Of African descent’ all the time, when a lot of them aren’t, is offensive to many.

            In the end, like the current western view of a swastika, something is given negative PR and it sticks for a while. Often creating problems for people affected.

            Also see things like the Jewish fights against people like ‘Shakespeare’ for his racist portrayals of Jews in his works, Henry Ford for his views against Jews, Arthur Conan Doyle’s … believe’ views against dark skinned people.. I could probably go on..

            Personally, I believe it’s the meaning and usage behind the words that count. I’ve had people say some very racist things to me and about me, but often they were meant as praise.

            As for ‘earlier stuff’.. erm.. it’s a mixture again.. it’s often more a case of what you SEE (and partly the changes in censorship laws). Also some things are becoming more acceptable. 20 years back, you would NEVER see an advert on TV for a Sex toy company. You do now. 20 years ago it was always a joke about how ‘perverted’ it was to have a costume fetish but there are tons of dating sites openly advertising aimed purely at costume fetishes. People are becoming much less repressed. People can freely talk about masturbation and such issues without it being something ‘dirty’ that you have to hide.

            I won’t say all the repression has died.. If I said that, I would have to be as open as Vanja is about my real name and stuff ^_^ might be nice but there are.. various reasons behind.. well, not hiding, but keeping two lifes different. A lot of actors still do it.. Comic book artists did it a lot up to the middle 80s. writers still do it.

      • Joe says:

        That would be cool, to add one with both parts later (perhaps). If I could I would create the animations I had mentioned when they go at it, but I have have no talent when it comes to art, or animations, then programming it into the game. :)

  25. Alan says:

    Could you make a character who has a nice booty, or nice breasts and butt?

  26. Can I ask says:

    If I were to set up an account to donate to your Patreon, would I also be able to get access to the content over on Ero-Mania? (I tried setting up an account but the service you offer to pay for access to the content over there doesn’t let me in despite me being qualified.)

    If not, would it be possible for me to buy what I want specifically off of you that is exclusive to Ero-Mania? (I’m interested in a lot of the games you have made)

    • Tempy111 says:

      I can pretty much say that would be a no. Ero-mania is (sadly) primary Vanja’s work, but it isn’t all her work of course. So you would be asking if paying her for one job, gives you access to another job and the works of others for free.. I sounds a bit like be saying ‘I buy a bag of walkers crisps, so can I have a can of Pepsi Max for Free’.

      If you are having problems with signing up to Ero-Mania, I’m sure Vanja can offer help on that matter. As for buying content.. again, she can answer. Hard to say but there has been talk at times about people wanting to.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for being interested in my work ^_^

      I have Patreon and Ero-Mania projects separated, so I don’t have an option for combined access.

      However, if you have issues with using Verotel for an Ero-Mania subscription, could you please send me an e-mail and let me know when you tried to sign up? (I can then take a look at the declines and see what error message it was giving at the time).

  27. Valdez says:

    Hi Vanja, I dont ever get customers at the hotel,is this normal?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      In this first version of the game, the only customer you get is the one who rents a room with Rina. In the upcoming versions there’ll be more customers.

  28. Question says:

    You know that guy who asked if he could buy some of the other games you have made separately? Would I be able to do that by chance? It wouldn’t be worth me setting up an Ero-Mania account due to me having no interest in the comics…but the games I am really interested in.

    Would it be possible for me to just buy the games, it would allow me to support your work comfortably without having to also buy things I am uninterested in.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      First of all, thanks for being interested in my work ^_^

      Currently I don’t have a “single item” purchase option. It has been suggested by a few people before, but due to rather limited ways of accepting payment (I cannot use Paypal for example), and also that the handful of people who have suggested this either cannot pay in any other way than those I cannot accept (Paypal, prepaid credit card options, etc.) it is so far not something I’ve decided to use.

      And while a subscription does give access to everything the members area contains (even things you might not be specifically interested in), it might still cost considerably less with a 1 month subscription than buying items individually (so far Ero-Mania’s members area gives access to over 40 games).

      Anyway…this site is specifically about the “Monster Love Hotel” game, and while I don’t really mind it, I feel that discussions about Ero-Mania and other projects fits better on my website // Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any suggestions on how to implement a single item purchase option (so far it’s pretty hard to find a good working solution due to a lot of limits, like how many payment solutions do not accept adult content for example).

      If anyone else would like to comment on any of my other Ero-Mania or Vanja’s World projects, please refer to // and //, or send me an e-mail ^_^


  29. Steff says:

    I really like the foxgirl. When will she be added to the game?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      After Daisy The Cowgirl, each character after that will be chosen by polls on Patreon, so this all depends on when she will get the most votes.

      • Michael says:

        Speaking of that poll…why haven’t you allowed people to vote for Maggie the Furry Girl? Has she been scrapped?

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Oops, thanks a lot for mentioning that, I actually forgot to put her in the poll! :O

          Anyway, it’s now been corrected, and people who have already voted can change it for her if they’d like.

  30. Chiron Maximus says:

    All of the characters look great and the sounds during the fuck battles and hotel scenes are awesome. I just have one slight thing about it; it all great and cool, but the music is kinda loud, so loud I had to turn it down with my windows volume mixer. It would be cool if we could turn the music and/or sound effects on/off or even cotnrol the volume level whenever we want. If there was a suggestions page, I would have put this there, but with lack there of, it’s here. Anyways, I think that control with the volume would make the game better, maybe even give us the ability to swap out songs in the game with other songs for an even better idea!

    What do you guys/girls think?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks! ^_^

      Being able to turn off the music/sound is something that’s been suggested before, and while I haven’t added this feature yet, it shouldn’t be a problem doing so in an upcoming version.

  31. J says:

    Now, as I look at the list of monsters, I see the “Upcoming Characters” list. When I actually load up the latest version or the game I get to interact and use the Catboy. Is it just that you haven’t updated the webpage, or something? Because it kind of confuses me.

  32. brandon says:

    can you please add a bat girl like rouge i think it would be a awesome thing to do since ive played your other games and never once saw a bat girl in your games and also some pregnancy and birth scenes i think those will be very sexy

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for the suggestions ^_^

      After all the current characters have been added, I can’t at this moment say for certain what kind of new characters will come. As for pregnancy and birth scenes, I’m afraid that this is something that doesn’t really fit this game.

  33. Valdez says:

    Hi Vanja, I trust youre well. I really have a thing for the girl in the training shop lol, will she ever be available fror a sex battle? Something like a beat the master battle . Also the new update is awesome. Daisy is quite something

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Hi! Thanks, all is well here and the game is progressing fine ^_^

      I don’t think there’ll ever be a sex battle for the muscular girl in the training shop, but it wouldn’t be a problem adding some kind of quest where a sex animation is included ;)

  34. Lane newman says:

    lol fun idea for the wolf, I know that its mainly bi but how about having one of the female moves him being pegged in the ass while forted by the guy on one way or sixty nine

  35. Paul Sheean says:

    I downloaded Monster Love Hotel yesterday & I plan to become a Supporter this month if I’m able.
    My specific question question is “how will I install the new added updates without losing the progress that I’ve made thus far?”

    What will be the name of the thing & what specific steps do I then take?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for considering becoming a supporter! ^_^

      If you just keep the old save file (the one called “mlhsave”), then all progress is being kept when you download the new versions of the game. So no action needed, other than keeping the old save and replacing the old game file with the new one.

      • Paul Sheean says:

        your answer does clear up things a little but you make it sound like that it’s possible to not keep the old save file (the one called “mlhsave”), & that’s something which I wish to avoid.

        Could you break it down a bit so I will know what things to do?

        I’m sorry if I sound like a brain dead pest but my unfortunate experiences with doing stuff like this in the past has proven to me that there’s no such thing as too many details for getting stuff done properly

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          No problem, I’ll try to explain it the best I can ^_^

          If you go to the “Download” section here (// and download the current version of the game, then you’ll have the game file that’s called “MONSTERLOVEHOTEL.exe”. Let’s say you download this game to a folder on your computer that you’ve called “Games”. Now, when you save the game’s progress (there’s a “save” function when you enter the hotel during the game, where you can save the progress), then the game creates a save file in that folder. This save file is called “mlhsave”.

          When the game is updated, you need to download the new version and replace the old “MONSTERLOVEHOTEL.exe”. This means, that if you keep the old “mlhsave” file, you still keep the progress for the game. In other words, the game file and the save file are two separate files.

          If you have downloaded the current public version, you should be able to see both the “MONSTERLOVEHOTEL” exe file and the “mlhsave” file in the same folder.

          In short: when a new update is available, you only need to replace it with the old “MONSTERLOVEHOTEL.exe” file. As long as you keep the “mlhsave”, your save is being kept and will work in the new version.

          I hope that was helpful ^_^

  36. Paul Sheean says:

    It was. Now I just have to see if I understood it well enough not to goof it up

  37. Paul Sheean says:

    I just tried downloading the newest version, I think. I’m still at the point where I’ve just added the Catboy.

    when the newest thing got finished downloading, I had 2 options presented to me.

    The 1rst was Show in Folder in which I have the earliest version of MONSTER LOVE HOTEL & then a more recent version of it which has (1) in the name.

    The 2nd Option was to open it but I may have opened the old one by mistake.

    I downloaded it again & after going into Show in Folder, I highlighted MONSTERLOVEHOTEL(2) & went back to Open Folder but I’m still at the point where I’ve just added the Catboy.

    I’m guessing that I ought to remove Delete the earlier versions but am I still at that point because nothing new has been added or am I not doing something right?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      The current public version (the one that can be downloaded on the “Downloads” page here on this website) doesn’t contain further characters than the catboy.

  38. Paul Sheean says:

    As far as I can tell Show in Folder just lists the programs on my laptop

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Open the folder where you have downloaded the game. When you have this folder open, you should be able to view its contents (including the “mlhsave” file).

  39. Paul Sheean says:

    You said that The current public version (the one that can be downloaded on the “Downloads” page here on this website) doesn’t contain further characters than the catboy so the only thing which I guess I ought to do for now is to remove the 2 earlier versions of MONSTER LOVE HOTEL

    Either today or tomorrow I will use Facebook to become a Supporter if I have the money to do so.

    About how long will it take after that will it take for you to get my payment so I can try doing this once again?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      That is correct, the current public version only contains content up to Calix The Catboy. If you are tight with money though, please note that the next public update will be added at the end of this month (as mentioned in the latest Progress Report). This public update will include the full Daisy fight and her current hotel animations ^_^

      Patreon supporters will get monthly updates to the game (sent out by PM at the beginning of each month, since pledges are only charged at the beginning of a month). The next update (which will be sent out to Patreon supporters by PM in the beginning of February) will be updated with some of Akina The Foxgirl’s battle animations and some other stuff. However, as I just mentioned, if you do not have the money to become a supporter, the next public update (with Daisy’s battle) will be released in approx. 2 weeks from now ^_^

      While this game will get faster updates & more content the more support it gets, it will always have free updates since it is supported through Patreon. Thus, supporting it is not mandatory in order to get updates since they will be released to the public sooner or later anyway, but it does help with making the game grow. If you have a tight budget, though, you could always wait for the public updates to be released ^_^

  40. Paul Sheean says:

    My social life is virtually non-existent & I spend most of my time on my Laptop. I also think that this is a great sexy game which isn’t hard to understand or play at all so if I can pay for it it I will ^_^

  41. Paul Sheean says:

    This is speculation on my part & hoping to make a correct guess.

    There is a unoccupied building below the Village & the dialog between the 2 main characters indicates that it’s meant to be used a house.

    Earlier, you had mentioned They would start learning Magic soon from a witch they would meet in the forest. The 2 new employees are at least partially animal in nature so for them living in a forest is no big deal. The witch is implied to be human so in her case she’d be homeless so my guess is that she moves into the house once you figure out how to work it into the story.

  42. lblackslydel says:

    when we integrate a daisy the cowgirl in beta free

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      The Daisy battle will be available in the next public update, which will be released here on this website in the end of this month ^_^

      • Paul Sheean says:

        It wasn’t very hard to figure out. A home which has been stated to be empty obviously needs an occupant & as I stated before, those monsters don’t really need a home, although I’m sure some of them would find it to just as nice as living out in the wild ^_^

    • Tempy111 says:

      technically, the game is still in it’s Alpha phase. it’s no where near complete enough for Beta. Common mistake for non-programmers/designers. Really, for it to move to Beta, all planned feature from the design spec need to be in the game, and mostly working, even if bugs are known. After Pre-alpha and after Alpha. This game would work for open-beta as versions are shared but since it’s alpha, I would guess. Open-Alpha? When all features (even if not all characters) are added, then it’ll move to Beta.

      though these days, even people that should know better make such mistakes.. sigh.. the art of programming and design is lost and replaced with kids..

  43. Paul Sheean says:

    when will the new version be out?

    A small suggestion: create a way to buy multiples of an item in the Shops

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      The new public version will be out in just a few days from now, and the Patreon update will be sent out around february the 5th to everyone with a successful pledge from January ^_^

      Regarding your suggestion, do you mean being able to buy items in packs (like the bombs where you can either buy one, or a pack of 5 for a discount)?

  44. Paul Sheean says:

    Thank you very much and you were right about the bomb reference. I don’t mind having to buy a bunch of healing potions so that I can defeat the monster girls in sexual combat but I’d like it more if I were able to buy the items quickly instead of having to buy what I need 1 at a time.

  45. Paul Sheean says:

    what I had meant to say earlier was that I could pick out an item in the Shop & after choosing how multiples I wanted then buy it.

    I guess what I meant all along putting was to put in a simple calculator function

    • Tempy111 says:

      Shop keeper: “What you would like you buy?”
      Shop keeper: “? How many would you like?”
      Shop Keeper: ” that’ll be Coins”
      Shop Keeper: “Thank you”

      Okay, probably didn’t need restating but it’ll do the job ^_^

      • Vanja Vanja says:

        Yeah, this should be no problem. Lots of ways to do it…I guess the easiest would be a field input where you can put the number yourself, and the shop keeper either takes your money and give you the items, or tell you that you don’t have enough money if the value is more than the gold amount you have ^_^

  46. Paul Sheean says:

    On an unrelated topic, I think naming Daisy Buttercup would have been more cute ^v^

  47. Paul Sheean says:

    today’s the 7 & I thought that the Akina sex battle would be available by now. how long will it be before it’s ready?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      It’s already been sent out to all Patreon supporters of the $5 tier with a successfull pledge from february, it was sent out on the 6th. If you are a supporter and had a successful pledge and didn’t receive it, please send me a PM through Patreon.

  48. Paul Sheean says:

    today’s the 7th & I thought that the Akina sex battle would be out by now. how soon do you think it will be before it’s ready to be publicly released?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Oh, you mean the public release (I replied to your previous comment above before I saw this one).

      Right now I don’t know when the next public release will be, but I am working on the game whenever I can. I just published a FAQ on this site, and I’ve described the current status of game updates there: // ^_^

  49. Paul Sheean says:

    thank you. I hope I didn’t sound impatient before. I had the Daisy sex battle last month so i apologize if I sounded a little bit antsy in my other posts

  50. Secret says:

    I know this is not about Monster Love Hotel…but please tell me the succubus villain in Witchcraft 3 wishes to turn Lilybell into a succubus!

  51. Paul Sheean says:

    my latest version has the 2 Monster Girls & the Monster Boy. I downloaded the latest version but I couldn’t find any new areas that newly opened or anyone in the game who could give me a hint as what to do next

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Are you talking about the latest Patreon supporter version, or the latest public version? If it is the latest public version, then it stops after Daisy. Akina and Lurette can currently be met in Patreon releases.

  52. Feris says:

    This whole games awesome! :)
    Do you think there should be some bad ends throughout the game? Like with the succubus sister? (Such as being used in their brothels if you lose the final fight.) Or the Futa Hunter (Being sold into sex slavery.) Dunno why but I’m a sucker for those kinds of things. Though like everything it’s more extra work and I know your a busy lady. Either way i’m rooting for ya!

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks, glad you like it! ^_^

      I haven’t really thought about multiple endings or such yet (it’s a little early for this), but when the game is getting nearer completion I think it’d be no problem with adding some “extra’s” here and there ;)

  53. Paul says:

    Public. I forgot to mention that

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Well, like I said in the previous comment, the last public version stops after Daisy. So if you were able to battle Daisy in that version, then nothing’s wrong ^_^

  54. heca says:

    So you dont get anything for giving $1 a month? Not trying to be picky, but it is a incomplete after all.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      “Don’t get anything” isn’t true at all ^_^

      People who pledge $1 get access to the Patreon feed with previews and screenshots, and they also get to vote for the upcoming character in the game.

      Patreon is for supporting the game and helping it grow (which will make the updates come at a faster pace, both for Patreon releases and the free releases).

      • Ted says:

        “It is a incomplete after all”

        Nearly every single h-game I have ever seen that is getting Patreon support is incomplete; that is often why the project is on Patreon in the first place: to garner support and continue further development of the project. The majority of them don’t give out alpha’s or beta’s to the lowest tier. Some don’t even have alpha or beta releases at all.

  55. Paul says:

    I may have already asked this but can you give me a general idea of when the next public version will be released?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      I’m not sure yet, but probably sometime in the end of May ^_^

      Please refer to the FAQ for more info regarding updates.

      • Paul Sheean says:

        Thank you. . By the way, I am aware & very much appreciative that it takes you a lot of time, energy & $ to make this game and also work on your other projects

  56. Anonymous says:

    The most recent version that i have is where i have just acquired the Cat Boy

    Has the latest Public been released yet?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      The most recent public update includes Rina, Calix and Daisy. The next public release will be at the end of this month, which will include Akina. Lurette will be available to patreon supporters this month ^_^

      More info about updates can be found in the FAQ: //

  57. Paul Sheean says:

    has the most recent Public version which includes Rina, Calix and Daisy been already put out?

  58. James says:

    This doesn’t work on my laptop. It runs on windows 10 could that be the reason why?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      It’s been tested on several Windows 10 computers, and should work fine. However, it’s been reported multiple times that people who upgrade their old OS to Windows 10 experience problems. Did you just upgrade your computer? Have you tried some of the solutions mentioned on // ?

  59. Paul Sheean says:

    I just downloaded the most recent version but I can’t get the bartender to speak so thus I continue further on in the game (i’m at the very beginning

  60. J says:

    Hey Vanja, it’s the return of J, you may not remember me, but I was the one to point out the mistake on the Catboy thing (sorry if that was sorta rude XD). I haven’t checked out the game in months, to come back to this! You’ve made amazing progress on the game and I enjoy the latest version thoroughly. I honestly can’t wait to see what is to came next in this fun game. I also hope you are having a blast making this game! :D

  61. GameLordxx says:

    Will be more girls?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Yes, there will be more female characters added to the game ^_^

      The upcoming characters are decided by polls held on Patreon.

  62. WhiskaSache says:

    Hi loved the game and wanted to give some opinions ^^
    Well, in the game i like more items to buy, More Weapons, Armors, and the best “clothes” that could be bought at the store for a more expensive price and requires quite farming there would be a system that you could change clothes of the characters and monsters and this would give more animations, the store could also have more potions of different types. I also would like a system that we could play with the monsters that captured, could switch characters at home and play with them, love to play with Rina and would have new animations “fighting” and sex animations against bosses “Monster x Monster”.
    and finally I would like a fight with sex in stages, type happens the act and this act starts getting faster with more expressions Thanks good work! ^^

    Sorry my bad English

    • Vanja Vanja says:


      I’m glad you liked the game, and thanks for your feedback and suggestions ^_^

      There will be more items to buy (including weapons, magic items, etc.).

      Regarding your other suggestions, I’m currently focusing on moving the game’s progress forward (with new battles, new characters, new areas and new items). I do plan to have a poll on Patreon where supporters can vote for new features they’d be most interested in ^_^

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