Kyrah battle update

Here’s some info about the latest Patreon updates ^_^

In MLH 2, the remaining “Fuck” and “Play” attacks were added in the Kyrah battle (including the animated version of Erwan’s “Fuck” attack). This means the battle with Kyrah can now be played with all the normal attacks included ^^

This also means there’s a new poll on Patreon for Monster Love Hotel 2, where patrons can vote for which of the remaining 5 characters should be added next into the game battles ^_^

The poll will run until 31 December.

Here’s the link to this poll:

If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon! Your support will be of great help regarding the progress of the sequel, and the more support I get, the more I can focus on bigger and faster updates! ^_^

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