As mentioned in the previous update, the final release of MLH was underway. And here it is! ^_^


It took a bit more time to complete than I initially thought, as the game was simply too big for export with the added final animations. At first, I tried to optimize some of the graphics in order to make it smaller, but this didn’t help, the export still gave an error and wouldn’t complete (although at least I was able to shave off approx. 100 MB of size). The only alternative I had left was to divide some of it into yet an additional file (the “part4” file). It took quite some additional time, but now it’s finally all done!

I also changed the speed of all the sex animations, making them faster ^_^

Thanks for your continued support! I hope you’ll also enjoy the continuation in MLH 2, which will have a major update on Patreon later this month ^^


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