Zar’s sex battle, and important Patreon poll! ^_^

Here’s some info about the game’s further progress thus far:

Zar’s sex battle is finished, and as mentioned before, he’s the first character to use a poison attack during the sex battles. Below are two screenshots ^_^


Right now, there’s also an important poll regarding upcoming content/features in the game. I mentioned some of this on Patreon earlier, that I’ll be holding some polls where the supporters can give their vote for the features they think would be most interesting.

The first poll I’m running now, is called:

“MLH:Game progress poll #1: Which one of these features would you like to see in the game?”

This poll is held on Patreon right now, and here’s the link: //

The alternatives in this poll is:

1. Erwan and Golda double-teaming in sex battle attacks

This has been suggested multiple times, and while it would require a lot of extra time to add these animations, I think it could be feasible if splitting it up. This would make a stronger attack, so not sure exactly how to implement it (it wouldn’t make sense to have it implemented early on in the game…maybe it could be an opportunity they can use after beating a few number of characters first).

2. Character in the hotel “joining” the sex battle

Another suggestion that’s been popping up every now and then ^_^. Just like the alternative above, it would require a lot of extra time to add these animations, but it could be feasible if splitting it up. The idea is to have each of the already fought (and won) characters to help out Erwan and Golda in a sex battle. Personally, I don’t think it makes much sense to have them do this when Erwan and Golda have travelled to someplace far away, but I think it would be cool to have them do this in a re-battle (after all, re-battles are done in the hotel where the characters are working, so it would be easy for them to “join in” a little ^_^). This would also make re-battles more exciting.

3. More “challenge” in the regular gameplay

It’s been suggested several times that I add some kind of feature that will “challenge” the player more in the regular gameplay (instead of walking leisurely around finding new monsterboys and monstergirls), like for example a tax-man that will collect money from you, damage after losing a battle (as of now, you automatically heal after losing or fleeing a battle), etc.


Even though one of the alternatives clearly “wins” the poll, it doesn’t mean that I won’t add the other ones as well. It would be nice to know if some of these are things that people are really interested in (which would make it worthwhile to add them, since they will require time to implement which would naturally “steal” away time for the other things).

That being said: if there’s a very obvious winner here, then of course I will focus on implementing that one as soon as possible into the game ^_^

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