New character, and poll will end this month!

Here’s some info about the game’s further progress thus far:

In the Patreon update, a new npc has been added to the game. Her name is Lulie, and she’s a witch (altough a not so powerful one). She’s got trouble with Batilda, and after meeting Golda and Erwan, she decides to visit their hotel. You can currently meet her in the new area, “Kreth Forest”, but this area is not completed just yet. As shown in the screenshot below, though, this area will provide multiple ways to go and several new things to find ^_^


There’s also new hotel customers. Lulie is Zar’s first customer, and Akina’s also got a new customer (one you can get from using the pub ad in Eristonia Village).

In the new area (“Kreth Forest”), you’ll also be able to meet Carla The Slimegirl sometime later ^_^


The poll I’m holding on Patreon now (this one is mentioned in the previous blog post) will end this month, on the 30th. If you support the game, and would really like to see one of these alternatives added to the game, please cast your vote at: //

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