Public release #14 + Ero-Mania MLH freebies! ^_^

I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves and others during these Coronavirus times. In my own country (Norway) we are going through pretty much a total lockdown, which seems to be the case with many countries now. You’re probably sick and tired of hearing this over and over again, but…stay safe, and remember to wash your hands ^_^

Anyway…I hope this update may be able to give a positive distraction for some of you. Today, the 14th public release was published! ^_^

This update contains:

– 3 new sex battles: Veda, Elva & Clovis, with a total of 29 new animations! Note: some of the animations in these battles are only available in Patreon releases, specifically some of the spells and group sex animations, as they were gradually added in later updates.

– 5 new hotel animations! 1 for Maggie, 2 for Bardolf, 1 for Lurette, and 1 for Calix!

–  6 new story CG’s!

– Gallery cheat code: while cheat codes are normally only given to Patrons, here’s the gallery cheat code for this update: just type in the word “doubledick” in the gallery field and press the Enter key on your keyboard ^_^

You can download it on the “Download” page. I hope you’ll enjoy it ^_^


If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon! ^_^


In addition to today’s public update, here are two Ero-Mania freebies! In the galleries on Ero-Mania, several of my members have frequently requested drawings based on different MLH characters.

Here’s two drawings from the Ero-Mania members area, which I am publishing for free here. I hope you enjoy them ^_^



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