Happy Easter, and some other stuff ^_^

I use to make yearly holiday-themed drawings for my personal website Vanja’s World. This year’s drawing featured Kizzie The Bunny from MLH, so I’m posting it here as well for those of you that may not yet have seen it ^_^

//vanjas-world.com/blog/  (this drawing was posted here earlier).


In the latest Patreon update, you can now battle Allard (and in this battle you can also use the brand new sword that was added earlier) ^_^



If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon! ^_^

Earlier this month on Ero-Mania, a new game series called “Ero-Mania World” was released, and one of the games features Golda in her own adventure! The story of this game is set in a time period between the first game and the sequel. Loyal Members on Ero-Mania can also request animated scenes for these games ^_^

Link with more info about these games: //vanjas-world.com/blog/hentai-games/ero-mania-world-games/



I hope you’re all staying safe and doing well ^_^

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