Anni The Mushroom Girl, battle demo on Patreon


Today, a demo of the sex battle with Anni The Mushroom Girl was released on Patreon ^_^



Some info about the demo:

– This demo is for the sex battle, so after proceeding from the menu it will take you straight to the battle itself. The battle starts you off with 5 health potions, so it will be possible to both beat her and get the game over.

– This battle should be fully functional, but since I have not yet been able to finish the animations, I have placed still-images instead (the first animation that was released earlier is still included, plus a very minor animation where Anni grows herself a mushroom clitoris ^^).

– I have struggled quite a bit with the preparation of this demo, and I had a major problem with the game stopping mid-battle all the time. This required a lot of time for me to troubleshoot and fix, so the release took a bit longer time than I had hoped for. Anyway, I think I have solved all of these issues, but if you still experience the game stopping up during the battle without being able to proceed to the next scene, please let me know where you experienced this (if it was with one of Golda’s attacks, Erwan’s attacks, or Anni’s attacks). This would be very helpful ^_^

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