Swamplands area, new enemies, and more

Here’s an update of the game’s progress thus far ^_^

Patreon Supporters update:

The Patreon Supporters update now contains the full “Lurette The Futa” sex battle, and with the latest update (released on Patreon yesterday) she’s also got her first customer. In addition to this, the “Swamplands” area now has two new regular enemies, and there’s a new feature in the game: the “Warp Crystals”, which will let you travel back to either Home or a village you’ve been in ^_^

Since Bardolf’s sex battle will be finished until the next Patreon update, I will also start a new poll soon so the supporters can vote for the next character.

Note: remember that since new pledgers on Patreon now gets charged immediately upon pledging, this will give you immediate access to the latest game update since it’s now posted in the Patreon feed rather than sent by PM ^_^

If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon. Your support will help the game grow and update faster ^_^



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