Succubus double paizuri, poll winners and more

Here’s some info about the game’s progress thus far ^_^

In the Patreon update that will be released this month, there will be two new hotel animations. One more featuring Naja The Bunny (one of the characters from the $100 pledge where the pledger can have their own character added to the game). The other is one with the succubi, who is giving their customer a double paizuri while eagerly using their long succubus tongues ^_^



I’ve also started working on the battle with Batilda. As mentioned on Patreon earlier, Erwan and Golda will battle Batilda before finally battling the final monstergirl (Jettie The Fairy) ^_^

During this battle. Erwan and Golda are using their sexual tricks in order to get her over to their side. While Batilda just wants to kill them in order to fulfil Allard’s wishes to capture more monstergirls, Erwan and Golda knows that Batilda can be their only chance to free Jettie The Fairy from Allard’s capture, and stop him for good.

This means that this battle will start off as a “normal” battle, but Erwan and Golda will use sexual attacks on Batilda until she finally succumbs to them…which will lead to a threesome scene ^_^



The Patreon polls for the first characters to appear in “Monster Love Hotel 2” also finished this month, and the results were as follows:

Two first female characters: Elf Girl and Spider Girl

Two first male characters: Cerberus and Minotaur

First futa character: Futa Succubus

I posted a preview on Patreon with the Elf Girl, whom I’ve named Alvilde ^_^



If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon! ^_^

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