Some new characters and answers to some questions!

Since this game was made official on 15th April (a little over 1 month and 2 weeks ago), I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback and some good suggestions, and I really appreciate that! I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the game ^_^

First of all, I’ll present to you some of the other upcoming characters that you’ll be able to fight in the game (those of you that are supporters on our Patreon page may already have seen these as they were posted a while ago ^_^). These won’t be all, but new ones won’t be added until these are completed at least. The upcoming character that will have the full sex fight added into the next game update, is “Calix The Catboy”, and after him I’ll be adding “Daisy The Cowgirl”. However, when these two characters have been added, I think I might add some kind of voting option to decide upon which characters will be next. Not sure about this yet, though…



Also, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions, where several of them have been asked multiple times (both in comments and in e-mail). So I thought I’d just post some of them here:

1. When will the next game update be?

Answer: I’m afraid this isn’t possible for me to say at this time. If the Patreon can get to the next milestone, I’ll be able to work on it more frequently than I am right now (as of now I’m only able to work on it in my spare-time). All I can say is that I am working on it whenever I can ^_^

2. Can you re-fight the characters after you’ve beat them? Currently it’s not possible to re-fight Rina afterwards.

Answer: Yes. In the Hotel I’ll add a section where you can “re-fight” the characters you’ve beaten. This can be used to level up your sex skill stats.

3. I read that Patreon supporters will get the next game update earlier than those of us who aren’t supporting. What kind of time-frame are we talking about?

Answer: $5+ Patreon supporters will get the next game update 3-4 weeks before it’s made public. That means everyone will be able to get the updates anyway, but those of you who are supporting the game and thus making it possible for me to work on it, gets rewarded with a pre-release ^_^

4. When I’ll encounter male characters in the game, they will have sex with Erwan too, right? I really don’t like yaoi, is there any way I can skip those?

Answer: It’s possible for you to choose wether you will fight with both Erwan and Golda, or just one of them. You can already do that with the Rina fight ^_^. This means people who doesn’t like yaoi can choose to only fight with Golda, and thus only have the straight sex animations. If you choose to fight with only one of the characters, though, all the sex animations for both characters will still be saved in the gallery.

5. When the game is updated with a new version, will I be able to keep my progress from the old one?

Answer: Yes. When the new update is added and you download the new version, just keep the file called “mlhsave”, and then you’ll be able to keep everything you’ve saved ^_^

6. Is there a place where I can see more of your work?

Answer: Yes ^_^. My personal website is

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