Progress report January 2019

Here’s some info about the game’s progress thus far ^_^

In the Patreon version you can now meet another npc (from the $100 pledges where the pledger can have their own character added to the game as a customer to the brothels). His name is Cesar The Cat, and he becomes one of Bardolf The Wolfboy’s customers ^_^

There’s also been a major bug fix for this month’s update due to all the earlier reported issues from the previous patreon release. Due to this, I have not been able to focus as much on new animations for the game as I have wanted to. Many of them are nearly completed, however, and thus I will roll out two MLH updates on Patreon during february (one coming next week) ^_^


If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon ^_^

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