Progress report 1, November 2018

Here’s some info about the game’s progress thus far ^_^

On Patreon last month, I revealed some info about this game’s future and a sequel: “Monster Love Hotel 2”, written at //


Here is a copy ‘n paste from this Patreon post:


The growth of “Monster Love Hotel” and issues due to its size, has made me determined to do something which I  think many of you might find interesting, and which will solve a lot of the problems that seem to become unavoidable if I don’t. I had planned to write this post much earlier in this month, but I’ve spent some time on how to properly write it all down so it won’t be confusing ^_^

In short: “Monster Love Hotel” has grown into…quite the monster itself, size-wise. Since the game was not originally planned to be this big, all the tweaking and changes in order to add new things has become quite the hassle. A total revamp of the game would have required a lot of unnecessary time, and to be perfectly honest I don’t see the point of making it more difficult than it could be…which is why I have decided that Erwan and Golda’s adventures will “end” in “Monster Love Hotel” after beating Allard (and becoming an official couple and marrying each other), but their adventures will continue in a sequel simply called “Monster Love Hotel 2” ^_^

This sequel will continue their adventures while collecting new monstergirls and monsterboys for the hotel, and a lot of some needed changes will be implemented as well.

Here’s a short list of some improvements and changes that the sequel will contain:

1. A better resolution (full-screen)

2. Improved walking sprites for Erwan and Golda

3. A better mix of males, females and futa (where each batch of new characters will always include 2 new females, 2 new males, and 1 futa). Polls will still be held, but for each category.

Naturally, “Monster Love Hotel” needs to be completed before I start working on the sequel, but the current batch of remaining characters (Clovis, Kizzie and Jettie) will be the last ones to be added in this game.

I think this is a much better solution than throwing the game into some kind of “revamp-hell” ^_^


The focus will be on completing “Monster Love Hotel” now, but I’ll most likely show some previews of the sequel in-between ^_^

In the latest Patreon update, the farm area (where Clovis will be available) has opened, and the full Drakele area is open as well. There’s also a new hotel customer (from one of the $100 pledges where the pledger can have their own character added to the game as a customer to the brothels). This character is “Lynn”, and she becomes a customer to Lurette The Futa ^_^


There is also a new poll running (which will be the last character poll for this game). Patrons can cast their vote here: //


If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon. Your support will help reaching new goals and thus making it grow with new content and features! ^_^

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