Progress report 1, July 2018

Here’s some info about the game’s progress thus far ^_^

As mentioned earlier this month on Patreon, two new npc’s will be introduced (both are from the $100 pledge where the pledger can have their own character added to the game). Below is some info about one of them: Lila The Bunny ^_^


Lila will become one of Maggie’s customers, and she will also introduce a new magic potion to be used in the sex battles: a purple perfume that will make anyone inhaling its scent become very aroused (while being with Maggie, she makes Maggie spray some of it on the tip of her tail as you can see from the preview below, which is the 1st frame from the hotel animation).


If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon. Your support will help reaching new goals and thus making it grow with new content and features! ^_^

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