Progress report 1, August 2018

Here’s some info about the game’s progress thus far ^_^

There is a new poll running on Patreon right now! You can vote until the end of this month (which means 31st August is the last day you’ll be able to cast the vote, the poll will end on September 1st).

The character who wins the poll will be the next to be added after Elva The Futa Fairy! ^_^


Earlier this month I posted a preview of the sex battle with “Elva The Futa Fairy” on Patreon, and the work on the battle with her is going nicely along ^_^

Here is a frame from the animation of Golda’s “Play” attack on Elva:


I also posted some info about Erwan and Golda’s romance, along with a drawing from the story that will be included in this month’s patreon update. The story of their growing relationship also involves ending Allard’s plans (and freeing some monstergirls he’s captured), and a fight with Batilda (which will turn her into your ally in beating Allard).


If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon. Your support will help reaching new goals and thus making it grow with new content and features! ^_^

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