Patreon: “Charge Upfront”! ^_^

Patreon have recently made a change that a lot of people, creators and supporters alike, have been longing for: giving creators the option to have new supporters being charged immediately upon pledging! ^_^

Up until now, people who support someone on Patreon have only been able to have their pledge charged on the 1st of every month, which means that they had to make a pledge the previous month in order to get certain rewards. With this new change, however, new pledgers will be charged immediately and will thus be able to get their rewards without waiting until the next month. You can read more about this on: //

This only counts for the first pledge. The next pledges will get processed on the 1st of the month.

This is really good news and means that people who make a $5+ pledge now will be able to get the latest update of the game anyway (when you make a pledge I will send you a PM with the latest update as soon as I can). I have just turned on the “Charge Upfront” option, so it only works for new pledgers…if you made a new pledge earlier this month, however, and don’t want to wait until it gets processed on the 1st next month, you could always off-pledge and then re-pledge.

Until the end of this month (May) I will send the latest update through PM to everyone who makes a new pledge. Then, from June and onward, all game updates will be available as downloads from the Patreon Feed, so no PM’s will be necessary anymore ^_^


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