MLH and MLH 2 updates

As mentioned earlier, patrons will now get monthly updates to both MLH (until the final animations are added) and MLH 2. Here’s some info about the latest Patreon updates ^_^

In MLH, Veda The Vampire’s first hotel animation was added. A reported bug regarding the “Slime Cyclops” monster has been fixed (although some of that battle’s functions will be added later).


In MLH 2, Golda’s futa spell was added, and it includes the fully animated scene. A still-image of Anni’s “Play” attack on Erwan (a blowjob) was also added. Next month (June) there will be further animations added to MLH 2, and you will also be able to explore more of the first playable area ^_^


If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon! Your support will be of great help regarding the progress of the sequel ^_^

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