Kizzie The Bunny update

Here’s some info about the game’s progress thus far ^_^

The March update on Patreon was a little delayed, but I published the upcoming download link on Patreon to all March pledgers, so that everyone who pledged for this month will get it ^_^

This update contains Kizzie The Bunny’s sex battle.




After beating Kizzie, the only remaining character to be added in this game is Jettie The Fairy. She will have to wait a little bit more, though, as for the next Patreon update (the April update) I’ll have some more group attack animations, and the remaining Clovis animations. There’s also a new npc hotel customer to be added: a pink panda-girl!

I’ll also post some news regarding “Monster Love Hotel 2” on Patreon in April…and I’m curious what people will think about it ^_^

If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon ^_^

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