July update

Here’s some info about the latest Patreon updates ^_^

In this update, the animation for Kalida’s play attack on Erwan was added. Golda’s futa spell on Alvilde was also added, and Erwan’s double-dick spell on Lola. I have also added a new area, the Beach Village, where you’ll complete a quest for the Blob Queen later. The issue with the Wolfgirl (the one who was affected by spending a night with Bardolf) not appearing in-game, has now finally been fixed as well. I thought this problem was solved earlier, but after getting reports about her not appearing again I found that there was an issue with how the gallery variables were stored (meaning, if you used the gallery cheat code to view the CG’s with the Wolfgirl, and then proceeded to the game, she would not appear). This has now been fixed, and she will appear at the very start of the game (after talking to the witches) ^_^

If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon! Your support will be of great help regarding the progress of the sequel, and the more support I get, the more I can focus on bigger and faster updates! ^_^

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