Jettie soon ready for battle, and MLH 2 Demo soon ready for patrons!

Here’s some info about the game’s progress thus far ^_^

In the latest Patreon update, you are able to see an animated preview of the sex battle with Jettie The Fairy. The sex battle with Jettie will be published on Patreon in the next release! ^_^


Also, you are now able to use the group attack on Akina The Foxgirl:


A small demo of “MLH 2” will also be released soon on Patreon! In this demo, you will have the possibility to test out the battle with Anni a little bit, and some of the scenery in that area where Anni is located ^_^


Please consider supporting this game on Patreon! Your support will greatly help with the progress of MLH 2 ^_^

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