Golda’s futa spell and more

Here’s an update of the game’s progress thus far ^_^

After we reached our next goal on Patreon ($1000 a month), there will now be two progress updates each month on this blog (in addition to one of our other projects, the horror comic series “Sally The Ghost Hunter“, becoming a free webcomic ^_^).

As mentioned earlier in one of the Patreon posts, I’m now working on implementing the Witch and Golda’s futa spell into the game. Golda and Erwan will be able to meet the witch in the next Patreon update, and the first available spell will be Golda’s futa spell ^_^

Here’s a screenshot from the re-battle with Rina The Catgirl, where Golda has used her futa spell to grow a dick (I decided to go for a no-balls version):


And here is a drawing of the witch. Her name is Zuzana ^_^


A new public release is also right around the corner, and this update will include the “Lurette The Futa” sex battle plus new hotel animations, and the new area “Swamplands” that also includes some new regular enemies as well ^_^

Also, there’s currently a poll running on Patreon for the next character. The voting ends at the end of this week, on the 31st. Here’s the link where Patreon supporters can cast their vote: //


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