Flee option available, new areas, etc.

Here’s some info about the latest Patreon updates ^_^

In MLH 2, the update includes the animation for Erwan’s “Play” attack on Cerberus the Hellhound, I have added some new areas to explore, and I have also implemented something several of you have asked for: the “Flee” option. Since several battles are more or less in testing mode, without the ability to conquer or lose to them, you will now be able to flee the battles (and thus avoid getting “stuck” in a battle if you’d like to explore more during the game). Upon approaching a character, you will now get this message in advance.

If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon! Your support will be of great help regarding the progress of the sequel, and the more support I get, the more I can focus on bigger and faster updates! ^_^

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