Here’s some info about the latest Patreon updates ^_^

In the latest MLH 2 update, the full scene/talking sequence after the witches has transformed Batilda into her own self again, is available. You also get a small hint here that we haven’t seen the last of Batilda’s futa catgirl form 😉

There’s also a wolf girl that appears, which Erwan and Golda figures out was a customer to Bardolf the Wolf Boy the previous night. Upon this discovery, they realize that all the monsterboys/monstergirls who had customers the previous night have transformed their customers, and they also realize that the monstergirls/monsterboys under Zabella’s influence will continue to transform all the humans they meet. (This gives them a bigger motive to fight the monstergirls and monsterboys they meet). This wolf girl will not be the only character of this kind that you will meet, and breaking these character’s spells throughout the game will give you a sex scene, raise your sex stats a little, and occasionally give you some nice items ^_^

I have also added a “CG’s” section in the gallery.

And, Alvilde the Elf Girl won the latest Patreon poll! Thus, she will be added to the battles now ^_^

If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon! Your support will be of great help regarding the progress of the sequel, and the more support I get, the more I can focus on bigger and faster updates! ^_^

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