Wildside Comix Twitter account


After being asked multiple times if we have a Facebook or Twitter account for Wildside Comix, I finally decided to give it a try ^_^


A few days ago I opened a Twitter account for Wildside Comix, and used those days to make some posts in order for the page to not be completely empty. Twitter-land is still brand new territory for me…but I guess I’m starting to slowly get the hang of it ^_^;

As always, many previews will still be exclusive for our patrons, but I’ll keep the Twitter account updated with news as often as I can, and I also plan to add some additional info that is not patreon-post material.

While I am fully aware that the people who have wanted me to open a Twitter account may be a minority since the Patreon newsfeed gives our pledgers access to everything, it is (at least from my understanding) the ones who may not be a constant supporter who would like an “easier” way to keep themselves updated who wanted this. I figured I’d just give it a go since several people asked for it, and then those who are interested may make some use of it ^_^

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