Public release of Update #3! ^_^

Today the third public update has been released, and you can download it on the “Download” page. I hope you’ll enjoy it ^_^

This update contains the full Daisy sex battle with 8 animations, and also 2 hotel animations featuring Daisy. You’ll also be able to view part of a new area, “Skeghill Farm”, and you’ll be able to meet a new npc, Eldon.


If any of you should encounter any bugs, please let me know on the “Report a Bug” page.

If you are a Patreon supporter, remember that you can vote for the upcoming character after Akina The Foxgirl (who was the winner of the previous Patreon poll), and there’s only 2 days left. If you like this game and would like to support it on Patreon to help it grow, make sure you also cast your vote on your favorite character to appear next! ^_^

The next Patreon update will be sent out by PM around February the 5th to everyone with a successful pledge from January. More info about this update in the post below ^_^


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15 Responses to Public release of Update #3! ^_^

  1. Teddy12 says:

    Newcomer here. I like what I see so far, here’s my pro’s and con’s:


    – The game’s got animated scenes. Huge plus for me.
    – Nice looking characters, and interesting storyline. I love the small hints of jealousy between the main characters that frequently appear during dialogue and sex battles. Golda being jealous while Erwan fucks a girl, while he being jealous while Golda fucks a guy is a nice touch! I also like how they both seem to be totally “in” it if the other is fucking someone of the same gender: Golda liking it if watching guy on guy action, while Erwan liking it if he’s watching some girl on girl action.
    – The game’s not too hard or grindy.

    – There’s not enough shop items and not enough stuff to collect. I know this game is still early in progress but it would be great to have more stuff to buy or find.
    – Always having to walk back to the hotel to save the game. Not so much a problem at this moment, but I can imagine this being really tedious if the characters are far from home.

    Anyway, looking great so far. Keep it up! :)

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for the feedback! ^_^

      And yes, I do have some options for solving the saving issue if they’ve walked too far away from the hotel.

  2. Tempy111 says:

    Just noticed.. when training, Erwan says Strength level, but Golda just says strength points when increasing. not a bug per say but..

  3. Tempy111 says:

    Oh and also, after gaining Daisy, seeing her with customer, having a couple of normal battles, sleeping, I went for a sex fight for Rina and ontop of her art, was the last image from the battle with Daisy (in this case, Golda using a strapon with her).
    It stayed there all battle. As if the image didn’t clear itself when ending the last fight.

    I then rebottled Daisy, ending on Erwan playing with Daisy, before a rebattle with Calix, and it was fine for both of them.

  4. Frozenfire says:

    Love the update. I like how you could buy Daisy milk but I have no idea what its for I ended up buying 5 bottles worth. Is there a use for it and if so is there a way to get more in the future?

    p.s. I think Rina and Calix would love the milk maybe you could incorporate a gift feature so it could be given to one of them.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks, glad you liked the update ^_^

      Daisy’s milk will have a use sometime later, and there will also be other ways to obtain her milk (since when she starts working in the brothel, she can’t be in her booth anymore).

  5. Virtual_Asbel says:

    I like ^ _ ^
    But … I have the following questions
    How to use the milk?
    How to make money with the hotel?

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Glad you like it ^_^

      The milk doesn’t have a function yet, but will later.

      You make money with the hotel when you allow guests to have sex with your workers.

      • Virtual_Asbel says:

        Thank you
        In a little problem
        Daisy in the hotel animation how can I get?

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          After beating Daisy, she will tell you that she can’t come working for you until the next day (so go to the hotel and sleep, and she will appear there the next day). Then talk to Eldon in the pub, he will be her first customer.

          • Virtual_Asbel says:

            Thank you
            After playing again
            “Daisy” animation has received
            I do not know if this is BUG
            When the “Daisy” was added to the hotel.
            Do not look for “Eldon”.
            Direct end of the day.
            There will not be the case with “Eldon” dialogue.
            Thanks for your help ^ _ ^

  6. Another amazing update, i absolutely lo-o-o-o-oved it

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