New public release, and some other info! ^_^

Today the 5th public update has been released, and you can download it on the “Download” page. I hope you’ll enjoy it ^_^

This new public update contains the full “Lurette The Futa” sex battle, the “Swamplands” area with 2 new regular enemies, and new hotel animations featuring Akina and Lurette.


If any of you should encounter any bugs, please let me know on the “Report a Bug” page.


And some info about the game’s further progress thus far:

Poll #4 was held on Patreon recently, and the winner was Zar The Naga! That means he’ll be the next character to appear in the game ^_^


In addition to this, the most recent Patreon release included the introduction of Golda’s “Futa Spell” (a spell she learns from the witch Zuzana). Here’s some screenshots featuring when they meet the witch, and when Golda uses her spell on Rina The Catgirl ^_^



If you enjoy this game, please consider supporting it on Patreon. Your support will help the game grow and update faster ^_^

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13 Responses to New public release, and some other info! ^_^

  1. khamya9 says:

    Thanks for the public updates. Hopefully I’ll be in a position to join as a supporter next year, but until then I’m really glad that there are people who can make Patreon work for you.

  2. Uno says:

    Will the witch have any ‘interactions’?

  3. Tempy111 says:

    okay.. i’m not 100% sure how much on the bug side but.

    Is Lurette’s story not fully written in yet or something. I enter her hut, she says she hasn’t had visitors for a long time. there is no talk about asking her to the brothel or anything. after going up to her and fucking, she is gone, and when I return to the brothel, I see she is now working there. but story wise, she wasn’t invited or anything. seams like an omission to me.

    Also, this is a bug of sorts I guess, when Lurette appears outside with Rosalind, there isn’t too many places you can go behind them but depth sorting doesn’t do a thing so it’s possible to stand on bits of Lurette. it’s a minor issue though.

    also wondering if it’s worth doing a minor tweak (depending on how the code is set up) and creating a new moving left animation. because it’s a flip of the right, Erwan’s location in the pair changes for that one direction.. might be a nice but minor improvement if there is a new animation for that one direction.

    • Vanja Vanja says:

      Thanks for reporting these ^_^

      I’m currently not sure about the Lurette story issue…Golda does mention that she and Erwan should convince her to come work for them, before Lurette says “enough chit-chatting, let’s get it on”, etc. Did this text not appear at all?

      Regarding the Lurette & Rosalind issue, I’ll have that fixed ^_^

      And actually, I’ve been working on completely re-doing the sprites for Golda and Erwan (I’m not very satisfied with how they look and the animations for them, and I want to make some new ones that will look and move a lot better). In these new ones, the poses for the left & right movements will be fixed as well ^_^

      • Tempy111 says:

        Didn’t appear for me.. I just had Lurette say one line about her saying not having someone visit her for a long time. I’ll try a new save.

        and sounds good ’bout the sprites ^_^

  4. Tempy111 says:

    Seams to work with new Save.. so I’m wondering if you had her in the previous version but without her sex fight and I forgot..

    Also.. i’m not fully sure about this but after fighting Rina, Golda got knocked out. When I then went right away into a normal fight, all the states said both characters were fine BUT I couldn’t get Golda to fight, as if she was knocked out, BUT (again but) the game expected her to make a move.. so I attacked as Erwan and all else I could do was flee.. fixed after sleeping

  5. That One Guy says:

    First off, my previous comments still aren’t visible so I’m not sure what’s going on there, but the saving issue was just me being dumb. I deleted the old save and it looks to be saving fine now.

    So with the spells coming up soon in public releases, I was thinking about how else they might be implemented. I’ve been noticing Erwan is probably feeling self-pity/loathing after seeing the size of Golda’s dick when she uses the futa spell and Bardolf’s as well. For that reason I’m thinking he could maybe see Zuzana in secret at some point in the story, and get a penis enlarging spell. Golda might also get a breast enlarging spell at some point to match it, and since she also has a futa spell maybe Erwan can get a gender-bending spell.

    Speaking of Erwan and Golda, a few things about them. First off I saw in another comment you were going to be updating their sprites on the map because they switch spots when you turn, and you didn’t like how they looked. Will you also be updating their battle sprites? I feel like it would be a nice improvement since Erwan’s pants look strange right now, they’re skin tight and their color makes them look like black, partial see-through leggings to me. His feet also seem too small to me, he’s not exactly masculine but they’re the same size as Golda’s. If you were to update the battle sprites maybe you could make his pants a deeper brown and baggy, and make his feet a bit larger.

    On a non-visual note, the grind at the start of the game is still a bit tedious, and the initial sex fight with Rina is pretty much impossible unless you buy some cake. Both these issues could be fixed while also making Erwan and Golda a bit more distinct. I’m thinking that since Golda used to be a prostitute or something along those lines she could start with level 2 sex moves, and Erwan would start with level 2 strength since he’s a guy. Not trying to be sexist here, it’s just a fact men are generally stronger than women because of genetics and such. Anyways, this would make them more distinct and give them a bit more character while making the start of the game less tedious.

    The last big thing I wanted to mention is that right now there’s no real reason for sleeping unless you want new customers, or to reset the monsters. You can go through tons of the game barely sleeping at all. There’s also no real pressure to continue, you can grind infinitely with no problems and it makes the game kind of easy. I’m thinking to make this a bit more of a game Erwan and Golda can have “Stamina”, which is used when you fight or go in a sex fight, and each attack/sex action would use some. If you run out you have to flee, and it doesn’t replenish between fights, you would only use up tiny amounts though. You can replenish it by sleeping, or using some new items you might make.

    As for the pressure part, every in-game week a tax collector could come by and if you don’t have the money you need, the hotel is shut down and that’s how you would lose. The tax would steadily rise every week, so you have to keep getting money one way or another. This way there’s pressure because if you grind too much you won’t have the money you need to pay the tax, so you need to keep pressing forward and increasing your income. To make the mechanic more natural I think customers should pay more money to do it with your monster-people. The exact numbers are up to you, but I hope you get the general idea.

    One last big idea I have is how the sex battles could be changed, right now you kind of just hope rn-jesus likes you, grind, or buy some cake. To add a bit of strategy to them I have the idea the monster-people would be in different “moods” throughout the fight, which you could tell by little visual cues such as a raised tail or them putting a hand somewhere closer to their breast/penis, etc. This would tell you what they would like to do, and you can use a certain sex action to match it and deal bonus damage. This would make the sex fights more involved and interesting.

    That’s everything, if you read this thanks for taking the time to. I love this game and you’re doing a great job, I hope things go well for you. Anyways, good luck with development, I hope you can see this.

    • Vanja Vanja says:


      Sorry about the last comments…I noticed now that I accidentally moved them to the trash when mass-deleting a bunch of spam comments…however, it’s good to hear that the issue with saving was solved ^_^

      Anyway: thanks for the suggestions regarding implementation of new spells for Erwan and Golda, and the other things. Some really good suggestions there ^_^

      A few comments regarding some of your suggestions:

      1. Currently, I haven’t fully decided what kind of spells will be made. I have thought about having a patreon-poll, where people can first add suggestions to spells and people can vote for those spells later (and have a certain amount of the highest voted spells being used in addition to the other spells I’m already planning to implement) ^_^

      2. Regarding the sprites, I will first of all change the map sprites. Currently, I don’t have any plans of updating the other ones, but we’ll see…

      3. The tax collector is a nice idea, but the main goal is to “win” over the succubi pair. They haven’t been introduced into the game just yet, but they will make their first appearance very soon. The game is “won” when Erwan and Golda have gotten a brothel that is more popular than theirs (and will make the succubi pair come work for them if they beat them both in a sex battle – which will be the final sex battle in the game).

      Anyway, you gave some good advice here and I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. Thanks! ^_^

      • That One Guy says:

        My pleasure, getting a response this involved is nice enough on its own. Don’t feel bad about accidentally deleting the other comments, I didn’t do a great job formatting them so it’s understandable. But anyway, I’ll respond in the same format.

        1. The ideas I had were just ideas, not much more. A poll would be cool though. The only spell I think would really be important to add would be the penis enlarging spell for Erwan, since as I mentioned he probably feels inadequate around all these monster people with bigger schlongs than him.

        2. Erwan is the only one I really have an issue with, his pants being the big problem. I also think his feet look a bit too small, but that’s a personal nitpick that isn’t really important.

        3. The succubi pair sounds cool, but I’m not really talking about how to win. My point is that there’s no way to lose, as far as I can tell. If you both get KO’d in either kind of battle you simply have to retreat and try again later. With the system I had in mind that would still work, losing wouldn’t make you re-start, but it would cost you stamina and items if you used them and still lost, setting you back in profits.

        If the tax collector were to be in the game, there would be a definite way to lose, but it would still be fairly laid back since you only need to worry about a dead-line and not losing any battles. I can perfectly understand if you choose to avoid anything like that though, sex games are usually pretty laid back.

        I’m happy to provide feedback, it lets you make a more polished game and the people playing it get to enjoy it more. I do hope you seriously consider some of my suggestions though.

        • Vanja Vanja says:

          Again, thanks for your feedback ^_^

          Erwan will have a penis enlargement spell (in fact, it’s the next spell that will be added). After this, only time will tell what other spells there will be…most likely, I’ll run that poll to see what people are most interested in.

          I’m afraid I do not plan to add a tax collector to the game, still thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I’ll add it later, or something else if people want a way to lose the game…when the game has progressed a bit more maybe I could add a post on Patreon and ask the supporters what they think of certain options (like options of the tax collector as you mentioned, or other ways to “lose” in some kind of way).

          Anyway, like I said, the game is still in a somewhat early progress, so we’ll see ^_^

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